EnviroTex Resin Key Chain

Jan 2, 2013

Key Chain Front

I created this key chain for my sister, Belinda. It was created in memory of my brother, Richard who passed away from alcoholism, March 28, 2004. He loved the water and worked on a boat off the Gulf of Mexico. I found this image of the anchor by doing a google search and the quote from Quote Garden. I had Alan resize the image for me to fit inside the bezel then printed it out on my laser printer.

Next, I applied Nunn Design Glue on the bezel and placed the image on top, pressing the bubbles out from underneath the image as best I could using my finger and paint brush for the corners. Once I felt I got all the bubbles out, using a paint brush I applied a layer of Nunn Design Glue on top of the image. I let the glue dry then applied a second layer of glue.

Once the glue was dry I printed the quote on my laser printer and attached it to the top of the anchor image using Nunn Design Glue. Once all the words were attached to the image I applied another thin layer of Nunn Design Glue on top. While the glue was drying I applied Waterfall Stickles to the inside edge of the bezel and accented the anchor with Diamond Stickles . I then set the bezel aside so everything could dry.

Keychain Back

I then used a photo transfer technique on the back of the bezel (hint, hint technique in book 3) of my brother standing on the boat he worked on with the ocean as his background. He truly loved the water. And my sister and I are gasping at those short shorts. Yikes!

Next, I accented the quote using a Black Gelly Roll Pen I mixed a small batch EnviroTex Lite Resin and filled the bezel. I then placed the bezel in a corner of my craftroom so I would not bump the piece while it was curing. The best thing to do is pour the resin just before you head to bed. Then it cures while you are sleeping and you don’t have to keep checking it like I would be doing. I’m terrible about doing this.

After 12 hours of curing I mixed another small batch of EnviroTex Lite Resin and coated the back of the keychain. Once again I put the keychain on a shelf and went to bed letting it cure for 12 hours. When I got up I could see that the resin was curing nicely and the front had cured perfectly. To finish the piece I added a small binder ring and it was complete.

Please note: Make sure your resin piece is created so it can cure for a good 48 hours.

I am really happy with this piece and my sister loves it.

Happy New Year Hugs!

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