EnviroTex Memento Key Chain

Jan 4, 2013

Memento Keychain

Here is another keychain I created as a gift for Christmas. This one was for my mom. I started by cutting a piece of wallpaper from the old homestead that mom and I peeled off the wall one summer. I then placed the wallpaper piece inside the heart bezel. Using a paintbrush I covered the wallpaper with three coats of Nunn Designs Glue allowing the glue to dry thoroughly between coats. I then mixed a small batch of EnviroTex Resin and filled the bezel halfway. I set this aside and let it cure for 12 hours.

Remember there is no need to waste any of your resin. If you don’t have another charm you want to create, create resin paper by placing the paper onto wax paper or foil and brush the leftover resin onto the papers front and back and allow it to cure for 24 – 48 hours. 

Once the first layer cured I then placed the button, pearl and rhinestone trim where I wanted them and poured the second EnviroTex Resin pour as I did the first. Once this pour cured for at least 12 hours I added a Nunn Designs Transfer image to the top of the resin, accented the transfer with Gelly Roll Pens and Stickles.

To complete the keychain I added a pearl bead and two charms. Then attached the finished piece to a small binder ring. Mom decided to wear this as a charm on a necklace instead of a keychain which made me pretty happy.

Mom's Charm

Here is the meaning behind this piece.

Wallpaper ~ in remembrance of the old homestead and how much we love that place.
Blue Bird Transfer ~ resembles the fun we have watching the blue birds fly around the old homestead.
Vintage Button and Rhinestone Trim ~ are for all the vintage buttons, earrings and other treasures I have her searching for in antique shops and flea markets.
Charms ~”I love You” is well because I love her truly and the “key” is that she holds a key to my heart for sure.


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