A Shabby Christmas with Maya Road

Dec 13, 2012

Gosh it’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I had to dust off the keys. This year, I’m making all my Christmas gifts so my still incredibly organized craftroom has had a flurry of glitter going on in it. Besides Christmas gifts it’s CHA prep time and book projects that are freaking me out but enough of that stress lets get on to this fun project.

I thought of a cute idea when I found this little trophy in my scrapbook stash and just had to make this home decor accent or ornament (which ever you prefer) and of course share with all my blog readers. This shabby tree is really fun to make.

Here are the basic supplies I used… small plastic trophy, Sisal Christmas Tree, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Multi-Medium and Maya Road Fabric Tape Floral Garden. Other supplies used are listed in the tutorial.

I bleached my Sisal tree with 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. Just put it in a cup upside down and let the mixture do it’s magic. You can purchase a packet of woodland tree & wreath by Tim Holtz. If you want to make several to give as gifts it might be easier to bleach your own.

While your tree is bleaching you will need to wrap your plastic trophy using the Maya Road Fabric Tape. So simple… no need to make sure every single strip is perfectly straight, just wrap until it is completely covered. Once the trophy is covered using a paint brush apply Multi-Medium all over the fabric tape and sprinkle on some Martha Stewart Crystal Coarse Glitter and let dry.

Now take your bleached tree, making sure it is dry, using a paint brush apply Multi-Medium around it then sprinkle on some Mica flakes or glitter or both. Using a hot glue gun, apply hot glue to the wooden base of the tree and place inside the trophy. Let it sit for a few seconds so the tree is secure.

I accented the top of the tree using a Maya Road Clear Star Pin. All I did was place it through the top and added a small amount of hot glue to keep it in place. Then I cut a piece of Maya Road Twine Cording in Tomato Red to create a hanger. I just double knotted a piece of the twine cording around the base of the star pin then create a loop for the hanger by tying a knot at the opposite end of the twine cording.

The trophy is accented with a Maya Road Red Velvet Point Blossom and a Trinket Green and Vintage Leaf Pearl Cream Pins. I pushed the pins through the back of the blossom then added a little hot glue to the back of the blossom and attached it to the trophy.

So now you have a perfect little home decor piece for an end table or to hang from a lamp switch. The light hitting the mica or glitter will look wonderful and magical. You can hang it on your tree or attach it to a housewarming gift. However you decided to display your shabby tree it will certainly bring a little bit of holiday cheer.

Holiday Hugs!

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