Owl Charms

Dec 31, 2012

Owl Charms

My sister, Belinda has a serious love of owls. She likes the fun whimsical style so I thought I would create a few charms for her to wear. I printed off some owl images using my laser printer then cut them to fit the bezels shown above. Using a paint brush I applied Nunn Design Glue inside each bezel then placed the image on top of the glue pressing down with my finger to make sure I removed any air bubbles. Then I applied a layer of the glue on top of each image, letting it dry completely then applied another layer of glue. Once dry I accented the images with Diamond Stickles.

After the Stickles dried I applied Judi Kins Gel du Soleil and used a Judi Kins UV Lamp. This product is different than ETI EnviroTex Resin so I thought I would give it a try. I must say each are really nice to use in their own unique ways. The Gel du Soleil is faster to use as it has only a 15-20 minute curing time, depending on the thickness of layer and size of the piece being cured. You can cure layer by layer too. The only downside when using the Gel du Soleil is it is pricey and does have a shelf life since it’s already mixed for you. So I would purchase the smaller bottle if you plan on making just a few charms. It is the perfect epoxy to use when you want to quickly create a nice charm. The finished results were crystal clear charms with not one bubble.

Owl Charms Close Up

So if you need to create a quick gift this is one I’m sure will be a hit for anyone.


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