Family is Everything

Dec 26, 2012

This is the can­vas I cre­at­ed for Mom. I made her a fam­i­ly tree sor­ta can­vas. You will see me at the top as I’m the old­est, then I placed my two daugh­ters Ter­ri and Ans­ley under­neath me. Next is my broth­er Richard, then my sis­ter Belin­da and her kids Aman­da, Brit­tain, Made­lyn and Isabel­la (Bel­lie).

I cre­at­ed this can­vas using the Maya Road Por­trait Chip­board pieces, Clau­dine Hell­muth Stu­dio Acrylic Paint Char­coal Black, Tra­di­tion­al Tan and Blank Can­vas. I accent­ed the sides using the Heart sten­cil by Dina Wak­ley as the hearts were the per­fect size for this piece. I traced mine onto the sides using a pen­cil then using a paint brush filled them in with black paint and white accents.

I paint­ed each por­trait chip­board piece using black paint. Once dry I applied two lay­ers of Dia­mond Glaze on top of each por­trait mak­ing sure the first appli­ca­tion was com­plete­ly dry before I did the sec­ond. I paint­ed the entire front and sides of the can­vas using Tra­di­tion­al Tan. Once the paint dried I cov­ered the top of the can­vas using vin­tage ledger paper from 1919. I paint­ed scal­lops in Char­coal Black along the edge and accent­ed them using Blank Can­vas paint.

Next, I accent­ed the sides of the can­vas with all the hearts. Once all the paint was dry I applied a coat of Dis­tress Crack­le Clear Rock Can­dy Paint over the ledger paper as well as the sides of the can­vas. Once dry I applied Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress Ink and wiped off the excess using a damp paper tow­el. I then attached each por­trait piece to the can­vas in their the nec­es­sary order. I print­ed the names of each per­son and inked them using Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress ink. I attached the names to the can­vas using a Xyron Per­ma­nent Adhe­sive Glue Stick and traced around the edges of each name using a Gel­ly Roll Black Pen.

To com­plete the can­vas I cut strips of cop­per sheet­ing and attached it to the edges of the can­vas. I then attached a Tim Holtz knob to the front and accent­ed it with a seam bind­ing bow. There you have it… mom’s com­plet­ed Christ­mas gift.

Hol­i­day Hugs!

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