So much countdown fun

Dec 14, 2012

I’ve really enjoyed getting nightly photos of my nieces Madelyn and Bellie enjoying their 25 Day Countdown to Christmas activity. They are loving everything I’ve included so far. Each night is a surprise for all me and them as I don’t know the order in which Belinda has them doing their activity. Warning… this is a very heavy photo blog post but I really want to share their fun with far away family so I hope you don’t mind it not being crafty today.

Madelyn and Bellie were making their Christmas cards, this night. I can only imagine how they decorated them because both love anything that has to do with art.

Here they had a blast making paper chain garlands. This is such a fun, simple old fashioned decoration to make that brings loads of joy to kids.  They doubled up this night as they were going to miss a night so they also colored their placemats for their breakfast for dinner night. Why is breakfast for dinner so fun and seem to taste so much better?

Christmas tea party night. I’ve had tea parties all my life. My grandmother loved having them with me and all her grand and great grandkids. It’s a tradition that will always be a part of our family. And what kind of an aunt would I be if I didn’t put them on a sugar high each night? I love being an aunt.

This night they made ice cream cone Christmas trees and decorated them with tinted icing, red & green M&M’s, colored sugar, holiday sprinkles and sugar gingerbread men.

And what’s the fun if you don’t get to eat them when you’re finished? Yet again, another sugar high in the evening. I’m sure my sister is so loving me for this.

What… no sugar high this evening… I must be slacking or feeling a bit bad for Belinda. This night was all about coloring in their new Christmas coloring books with boxes of new crayons. I still love the smell of a new box of crayons. It brings back such happy memories. Also having a brand new coloring book is the best! These two love to color.

Last night, was hot chocolate with candy canes and it looks like I’m back on track with that nightly sugar high. There is just something about kids and hot chocolate that makes me so happy. Maybe it’s because I remember my mom making it for me and we would just about every single time have the milk boil over. We always laughed and said next time we are not going to let this happen and you know what… we’d always let it happen. But I tell ya one minute it’s not doing a thing, you turn your head for just one second and BAM the milk is boiling over the pot. Anyone else have this happen to them? I know mom and I cannot be the only crazy ones.

If you stayed with me all the way to the end of this blog post, thank you. And for doing so leave a comment of your favorite Christmas memory and I’ll enter you into a drawing for a free copy of my book “Delight In The Seasons“. I’ll have Ansley pick the winner on Monday, the 17th.

Holiday Hugs!

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