Three Simple Words

Nov 17, 2012

It’s amazing the amount of power words have when you really think about it. I’m sure we can all remember a moment when an unkind word was said to us on the playground, or whispers in the hall in school. I know I can. Sadly, it’s during those years that we really don’t know the power those words spoken have on a person. It’s so easy to remember the negative as I guess those are the ones that impact us and hurt us the most. The negative words are the first ones which creep up on us instead of the kind, they are the ones that I and I’m sure you, always have to push back down.

So today, my wish is that we all give hope, courage and love to a stranger, a friend in need  or someone who looks like they really need to know there is hope, needs just a little bit of encouragement or lots of love. It’s simple to do and will mean more to anyone than any words you could speak. Hopefully, these will be the words that rise to the top and they will realize they can conquer any hurdle no matter how high that is placed in front of them. I have a few friends that have some seriously high hurdles to conquer at the moment and I plan on empowering them with “Hope, Courage and Love.”

I will post a tutorial on how I made this charm, next week. This weekend, is all about “Hope, Courage and Love.”


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