Frozen Charlotte Dolls ~ For Sale

Nov 5, 2012

If you love Frozen Char­lotte Dolls as much as I do but real­ly have a hard time part­ing with your vin­tage dolls here is what you need. I am sell­ing packs of 7 hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls as seen in the pho­tos for $10.00 plus ship­ping. These dolls come with a flat back which makes them easy to attach to projects such as cards, tags, orna­ments, jew­el­ry etc. and range in size from the small­est being approx­i­mate­ly 1/2″ wide to the biggest being approx­i­mate­ly 2.75″ tall. Since these are all hand­made by me, each doll will be unique and have its own vin­tage charm.

I’m real­ly enjoy­ing mine as I’ve used them to cre­ate hol­i­day orna­ments and have altered the Frozen Char­lotte bust with a faux pati­na fin­ish and placed it into a charm. To achieve the faux pati­na as I have below all you need to do is paint your Frozen Char­lotte Doll using Adiron­dack Metal­lic Gold and Juniper Acrylic Paint Dab­bers. These two col­ors cre­ate a beau­ti­ful faux pati­na. You can also age them using Archival Ink in Cof­fee or Sepia, cov­ered them with a light lay­er of Rock Can­dy Dis­tress Crack­le Paint and once dry apply Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress Ink over the cracks… hon­est­ly there are so many won­der­ful ways to us and alter these dolls.

And here they are shown placed promi­nent­ly on the two orna­ments I cre­at­ed for The Crafty Scrap­per’s Hol­i­day Mag­ic Event. I think they are per­fect and will look gor­geous on my tree. Well Car­olyn’s tree, because I gave mine to her.

To pur­chase your pack­et of 7 Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls, just click the but­ton below.

($10 + $5.50 for ship­ping & han­dling)

– Pay­Pal But­ton Removed… this prod­uct is no longer avail­able —


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