25 Day Countdown to Christmas ~ Recap

Nov 27, 2012

I had so much fun helping my nieces Madelyn and Bellie create their 25 Day Countdown to Christmas project over the Thanksgiving weekend. They were so excited and worked so hard on each and every envelope. We had a flurry of creativity going on as you can see by all the blurry photos. They were peeling, sticking, punching, stamping and Stickling like crazy. It was really cute to watch their creative minds at work.

Madelyn loved accenting each of her envelopes with the rhinestone gems and snowflakes. She is all about sparkle and bling. But what little girl isn’t? And GASP, a niece of mine that does NOT like sparkle and bling… well that would be so wrong.

Bellie LOVED these 3D stickers I found at the last minute in the $1 section at JoAnn’s. She could not get the backing off of these fast enough. And this girl is a STICKLES girl… oh my word does she love Stickles. After she accented her envelopes it took a good 24 hours for the Stickles to dry.

It was a fun few hours of laughter, creativity and quality time spent with two little girls that I love so much. It was not about making sure each stamped number was perfectly stamped (we do have one 41 instead of 14 in the group) or each sticker was perfectly stuck or that each drop of Stickles was perfect. It was about having fun with two little girls and making a memory that will hopefully last them a lifetime. I do believe I accomplished that task as I know I will remember this day forever.

Now they get to eagerly anticipate all the fun daily activities I have planned for them in December. I’m just as excited if not more than they are.


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