UTEE, Resin & Sculpey Clay Charms

Oct 30, 2012

I’ve had so much fun this past week experimenting with UTEE, Resin and Sculpey Clay. At the moment it’s a charm paradise in my craftroom. The acorn charm is made from UTEE. I hunted all over my backyard for the perfectly shaped acorn so I could make a mold of it. I found one and think this charm came out so cute. The top of the acorn is the actual acorn top I glittered and attached to the UTEE acorn. I covered the entire acorn with a thin layer of resin. The bird charm is created out of Sculpey Clay, embossed with a Melt Art Texture Tread, painted and covered with a thin layer of resin. The always be amazing charm is created using Sculpey Clay, resin paper butterflies, glass glitter and topped with a thick coating of resin.

I’m loving this big funky charm it’s filled with lots of Nunn Design pieces, pearls, buttons and rhinestones. I cannot wait for the resin to completely cure so I can add vintage lace and pearl charms to the top. This piece will be an entire blog post once it is completed. So far it has taken me 3 days to make it. The faux handblown glass charms are made using UTEE. I love how these are so perfectly imperfect. You will never create the same bead twice. You can get them close but never exact. Each charm bead ends up it’s own unique piece. I’ll be teaching a class at The Crafty Scrapper in late January showing you how to make all kinds of different faux handblown glass charms.

I will be doing more creative experiments today and will share soon.


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