Texas Big + Funky = My Kinda Charm

Oct 31, 2012

Oh good­ness where do I start to tell you about this charm. I had so much fun mak­ing it but darn 4 days to com­plete some­thing is a LONG time for me. Patience is not my best char­ac­ter trait but I did it and it was well worth being patient. I used Envi­ro­Tex Resin, made my round bezel by free form­ing some cop­per met­al , then used lots of Nunn Design Met­al Embell­ish­ments, vin­tage but­tons, an old met­al key, rhine­stones, beads and trims.

Day 1 I attached a piece of pat­terned paper to the front and back of the round chip­board piece using Nunn Design Glue. Once the glue was dry I sealed the chip­board cir­cle using Nunn Design Sealant on the front, back and edges of the chip­board piece. I applied the sealant three times let­ting each appli­ca­tion dry com­plete­ly before apply­ing the next lay­er.

After the Sealant was com­plete­ly dry I formed the round bezel using cop­per met­al. To keep the met­al in place and tight­ly around the out­er edge of the chip­board piece I attached a strip of red line tape over the spot where the met­al ends meet and about an inch on either side of that seam.

Next I mixed a batch of Envi­ro­Tex Resin per the man­u­fac­tur­ers direc­tions and poured a thin lay­er over the top of the pat­terned paper on the chip­board cir­cle. I then placed the old key into the resin and watched for bub­bles. If some appeared I just zapped the piece quick­ly using my heat tool to pop the bub­bles. Use a long straight pin to move the embell­ish­ments into place if they move a bit. Now for the patient part… place the charm on a shelf for 12 hours until you get a nice soft cure. Since I like to cre­ate at night I just turned the light off in my craft­room and went to bed. This kept me from check­ing it every 5 min. as I knew I would.

Day 2 I quick­ly ran to my craft­room to check on the piece and was super hap­py to know I mixed the resin cor­rect­ly and had a nice soft cure. I placed some small beads, Nunn Design Met­al Embell­ish­ments and vin­tage but­tons onto the soft cured resin, then mixed anoth­er batch of resin per the man­u­fac­tur­ers direc­tions and poured anoth­er thin lay­er over the top of the first resin lay­er. Keep a long straight pin close so you can move the items around if they move from the place you want. Now place the piece on the shelf again and leave it alone for 12 more hours. If you are a super ear­ly ris­er you could get to soft cure lay­ers done in one day. Since I’m not and know I will not leave the charm alone I only pour the resin at night right before I go to bed.

Day 3 See­ing that I had anoth­er real­ly nice clear soft cure I added more Nunn Design Met­al Embell­ish­ments, rhine­stones on top of each but­ton and some rhine­stone trim on top of the old key. I mixed anoth­er batch of resin per the man­u­fac­tur­ers direc­tions and poured anoth­er thin lay­er over the sec­ond soft cured resin lay­er. I placed it on the shelf again for anoth­er 12 hours.

Day 4 I used a lit­tle E6000 to attach the rhine­stone trim all around the top edge of the cop­per met­al, mixed up a batch of resin, poured anoth­er thin lay­er so the resin went all the way up to the met­al piece in between each rhine­stone on the trim. I did not cov­er all the embell­ish­ments with resin as I want­ed some stick­ing out to add inter­est to the charm. I set the charm on the shelf again for anoth­er 12 hours.

Day 5 The charm was final­ly com­plet­ed and I added a small met­al Nunn Design Dove using E6000 to the low­er edge of the charm, some bead charms, seam bind­ing and vin­tage lace. I still need to not wear it for at least 24 to 48 hours so the resin com­plete­ly cures. I’m going to wait 48 hours since I do not want to ruin this piece in any­way. I want a real­ly nice hard cure after all this time.

I’m real­ly hav­ing fun play­ing with resin but hon­est­ly the wait­ing part just kills me. I think this will be a one of a kind piece. Oh and when mix­ing my resin I poured the resin to the 1/2 TSP and the hard­en­er on top of the resin to the 1 TSP.

The left over resin was used to cre­ate resin paper out of my vin­tage papers or poured it into small­er charms I had pre­pared ear­li­er. Remem­ber, you will nev­er waste resin if you have it set up to make resin paper once you are fin­ished with the resin for your charms.

Have fun.


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