EnviroTex Jewelry Resin

Oct 23, 2012

I’ve been wanting to play with resin for a long time and finally just took the time to do it and I LOVE it. Mind you these are no where amazing compared to what is out there to be found but I am happy with my first attempts. I did learn a few things in the process that I will share with you in hopes you will not make the same errors I did. Although, things are going to happen that you might not like as you learn, just accept it but then again it goes both ways… you might discover something you really like too.

  1. I was worried about a heavy chemical smell and was happy to discover that EnviroTex had no smell at all. So I could check this worry off my list.
  2. I was worried about mixing it wrong, it then not curing and wasting resin and the items used to make my charms… well this was a silly worry I mixed the resin exactly how it said on the box and so far so good. The resin hardened as stated. The hardest part was figuring out how to find the darn stop watch on my phone so I could mix the resin and hardener for 2 minutes. Ugh, I’m so not a techy person!
  3. When filling your item of choice let the resin settle a bit before adding more resin. At first it was kinda hard  for me to estimate how much resin was needed and I over filled a few times. It was not hard to fix, I just scooped a bit out with my Popsicle stick, wiped the overflow away and after about 12 hours while it was in it’s soft cure (I think this is what you call it) I used my craft knife to cut away some the excess resin. You can’t even tell which one I over filled.
  4. Make sure you put several coats of sealant on the FRONT and BACK of book pages or any double sided paper for that matter. If not, you will see the words on the back of the paper from the front as the resin makes the paper transparent like. Notice the charm with Love, dreams, wishes – this is an example of what happens to book page words when not sealed well. So make sure to apply 2-3 coats of your sealant and that you let it dry in between each coat. I kinda like the way this charm turned out though, because love, dreams and wishes are always there if and when you look for them.
  5. Make sure you have a pin handy to arrange items you want to add to the resin like beads, word strips etc. This is a very handy tool. Maya Road Trinket Pins work great because the pin is long and easy to hold onto.
  6. You can add all kinds of things to the resin after pouring it into the charm… glitter, micro beads, buttons, rhinestones, paper pieces (sealed paper pieces) etc.
  7. Have a heat tool handy to pop any bubbles that form. I did not have many at all and was quite surprised but the few I did have popped instantly as soon as I zapped it quickly with my heat tool.
  8. I am one that really does not like to waste at all and I was worried about over mixing my resin amount which I did because I had no clue how much resin was needed for each charm I wanted to make but I have an awesome solution… make resin paper with all your left over resin. All you need to do is place your paper onto a piece of plastic, I used a baggie I had close by, using a foam brush apply half the remaining resin to the front of the paper, flip it over and apply the remaining half to the back of the paper. Make sure you really rub the resin into the paper by flipping the paper over several times and working the resin into it. I then hung the resin paper onto a plastic pants hanger, the one with the clips, and hung it to dry for 24-48 hours. Once the resin has cured you have some awesome paper to use in projects.
  9. Using resin teaches you patience. You MUST wait at least 24 hours for the resin to cure and preferably 48 hours. If you are like me and want it now get over it… you can not rush resin. If you do you will be sorry. It dries on it’s own time and at it’s own pace. I would love to see Wendy Vecchi deal with this issue… she has less patience than I do. We’ll see if she reads this post. I’ll know it if she does. LOL
  10. Use the popsicle stick to apply the resin in the charm. I find it easier to control instead of pouring it straight into the charm using the mixing cup.
  11. To fill tiny areas like around the rhinestone trim… I dipped the end of my straight pin into the resin and let small drops of resin fall in between each rhinestone. This worked perfectly.

Here is another view of the charms I made. I really like the dimension I got from the UTEE bust I made the other day and the resin is crystal clear… not one bubble. I plan on doing some things to the side of the charm but have no clue what as of yet. It will come to me though.

And here is a look at the resin papers I made… yes I way over mixed the amount of resin needed for the charms but I’m really glad I did because I love having this paper ready and waiting for me to use in a project.

Now go have some fun with resin and let me know what you think…


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