Texas Big + Funky = My Kinda Charm

Oct 31, 2012

Oh good­ness where do I start to tell you about this charm. I had so much fun mak­ing it but darn 4 days to com­plete some­thing is a LONG time for me. Patience is not my best char­ac­ter trait but I did it and it was well worth being patient. I used Envi­ro­Tex Resin, made my round bezel by free form­ing some cop­per met­al , then used lots of Nunn Design Met­al Embell­ish­ments, vin­tage but­tons, an old met­al key, rhine­stones, beads and trims. Day 1 I attached a piece of pat­terned paper to the front and back of the round chip­board piece using Nunn Design Glue. Once the glue was dry I sealed the chip­board cir­cle using Nunn Design Sealant on the front, back and edges of the chip­board piece. I applied the sealant three...

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UTEE, Resin & Sculpey Clay Charms

Oct 30, 2012

I’ve had so much fun this past week exper­i­ment­ing with UTEE, Resin and Sculpey Clay. At the moment it’s a charm par­adise in my craft­room. The acorn charm is made from UTEE. I hunt­ed all over my back­yard for the per­fect­ly shaped acorn so I could make a mold of it. I found one and think this charm came out so cute. The top of the acorn is the actu­al acorn top I glit­tered and attached to the UTEE acorn. I cov­ered the entire acorn with a thin lay­er of resin. The bird charm is cre­at­ed out of Sculpey Clay, embossed with a Melt Art Tex­ture Tread, paint­ed and cov­ered with a thin lay­er of resin. The always be amaz­ing charm is cre­at­ed using Sculpey Clay, resin paper but­ter­flies, glass glit­ter and topped with...

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Holiday Magic ~ The Crafty Scrapper

Oct 29, 2012

I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to par­tic­i­pat­ing in this years “Hol­i­day Mag­ic” event at The Crafty Scrap­per. Start­ing at 10 a.m. this Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 3rd, Car­olyn and her staff will have the store ready for you to view its hol­i­day trans­for­ma­tion. She has make & takes designed by the teach­ers for you to cre­ate that range in price from $5.00 — $12.00. You can see sneak peeks of each make & take in the above pho­to. There will be demos, sale prices, Exclu­sive sign ups for all hol­i­day class­es, new prod­uct releas­es, new designs dis­played around the store cre­at­ed by her awe­some design team, Christ­mas gift ideas and loads of oth­er excit­ing things that will be going on through­out the day. These are the two make & takes I will be teach­ing. I cre­at­ed two since...

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Birthday Wishes

Oct 25, 2012

There’s no oth­er love like the love for a broth­er. There’s no oth­er love like the love from a broth­er. ~Ter­ri Guillemets I think of you every sin­gle day. Love you,...

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EnviroTex Jewelry Resin

Oct 23, 2012

I’ve been want­i­ng to play with resin for a long time and final­ly just took the time to do it and I LOVE it. Mind you these are no where amaz­ing com­pared to what is out there to be found but I am hap­py with my first attempts. I did learn a few things in the process that I will share with you in hopes you will not make the same errors I did. Although, things are going to hap­pen that you might not like as you learn, just accept it but then again it goes both ways… you might dis­cov­er some­thing you real­ly like too. I was wor­ried about a heavy chem­i­cal smell and was hap­py to dis­cov­er that Envi­ro­Tex had no smell at all. So I could check this wor­ry off my...

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Gotta Love UTEE

Oct 22, 2012

I LOVE frozen Char­lotte dolls but real­ly don’t love the price that comes along with the orig­i­nal ones when I find them in antique shops. So I decid­ed to make a mold using Mold-n-Pour from the two I’ve been hoard­ing for just the right project. Once the mold set I popped out each frozen Char­lotte doll from it’s mold then filled both molds with clear UTEE. I did­n’t want to mix up a batch of white UTEE since I main­ly use clear and just let it cool in my pot. Yes, I know… shame on me for not clean­ing out my melt­ing pot after each use but it is what it is… you real­ly should clean it out after each use.  It’s real­ly easy and takes no time at all… so in this case, do...

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Metal Gift Tag

Oct 18, 2012

This year, I plan on using what I already have on hand to cre­ate name tags for all my gifts. All you need are a few punch­es, alco­hol inks, met­al stamps, rhine­stones and twine. This tag will adorn my niece Made­lyn’s gift this Christ­mas. This gift tag was super hard to pho­to­graph so sor­ry for the bright­ness. My cam­era was not hap­py with it’s shini­ness at all but the good thing is the tag is real­ly easy to cre­ate. I’m also deter­mined to make most of my gifts this year. These past few days I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with Resin and Poly­mer Clay and talk about fun! I have lots of projects in mind to cre­ate. The full step-by-step tuto­r­i­al can be found HERE in my Tips, Tech­niques and Tuto­ri­als online work­shop....

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Archived Halloween & Fall Projects

Oct 17, 2012

With fall final­ly get­ting ready to hit my lit­tle neck of the woods.  I thought it would be fun to do some dig­ging in my archives and list all the fall and Hal­loween projects I’ve cre­at­ed over the years. Even though some of the items I’ve used are no longer avail­able from some man­u­fac­tur­ers there are still plen­ty of prod­ucts out there from oth­ers for you to eas­i­ly make sub­sti­tu­tions. Just click on each of the links below and they will take you to each of the blog posts. As you can see I have sev­er­al cards, dec­o­ra­tions and a mini album just wait­ing for you to cre­ate. Also, I thought it would be fun to show you one of the first lay­outs I ever made. This one is of Son­ny our gold­en retriev­er...

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Altering Vintage Keys

Oct 16, 2012

Alter­ing vin­tage keys is super sim­ple and since you can find them in so many dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes hav­ing sev­er­al dan­gle from a neck­lace looks real­ly nice. I plan on putting these two on a neck­lace with a tiny vin­tage lock that I have stashed in my scrap­room some­place… right now I have no clue where that some­place is but I know it’s in here. I altered my keys using Ranger Emboss­ing Pow­ders, Ranger Stick­les Dry Glit­ter and Maya Road Iri­des­cent Rhine­stone Trim I tint­ed with Ranger Adiron­dack Alco­hol Ink. I’m in the process of upload­ing a tuto­r­i­al in my Tips, Tech­niques and Tuto­ri­als online work­shop if you want step by step instruc­tions on how I altered the two shown. And I have a lit­tle hap­py news to share… I just com­plet­ed my...

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Artistic Journey 2012 ~ French Couture

Oct 4, 2012

I’m real­ly excit­ed for this week­end. I will be teach­ing at Artis­tic Jour­ney in Wax­a­hachie, Texas along side Dina Wak­ley and Angel­la Pear­don. This week­ends event is held at The Crafty Scrap­per and is filled with loads of fun. It starts off Fri­day evening with three fun make & takes, a tag swap and din­ner. Then Sat­ur­day morn­ing bright and ear­ly all three of us teach­ers begin teach­ing our exclu­sive class­es. I’ll be teach­ing an assem­blage class that has the atten­dees alter­ing a dress form. As you can see they are going to be busy, busy, busy dur­ing class. But once they fin­ish their dress form they’ll each have a beau­ti­ful­ly altered dress form to dis­play in their home or give as a gift. So now I’m off to pack, check my to do...

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Last Day in Venice

Oct 3, 2012

These pho­tos were tak­en the last day Car­o­line and I were in Venice. I could have spent weeks tak­ing pho­tos as each turn of the nar­row streets are filled with gor­geous archi­tec­ture. We spent the morn­ing and ear­ly after­noon just roam­ing around see­ing as much as we could and believe me we cov­ered a lot of ground. Pho­tos 1, 2 and 3 were tak­en in the Muse­um of Music. It is a free muse­um that the muse­um that show­cas­es the life of Anto­nio Vival­di who was a com­pos­er and musi­cian from Venice. Pho­to 4 is of San Moi­se Church. Pho­to 5, 6, 7 and 8 were tak­en while we were roam­ing the streets. Pho­tos 9 and 10 are of San­ta Maria del­la Salute. I walked for what seemed like for­ev­er to see this and must...

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An Afternoon in Verona & an Evening in Venice

Oct 2, 2012

Sep­tem­ber 22nd Car­o­line and I along with Lau­ra, her daugh­ter Vic­to­ria and a group of ladies from the retreat got up ear­ly that morn­ing to meet our dri­ver so he could take us to Venice. Lau­ra planned a stop in Verona so we could each lunch and site see for a bit. She named off some sites she thought we would love to see and sent every­one on their way. To which we all head­ed in dif­fer­ent direc­tions. Pho­tos 1, 2 and 3 are pho­tos I took in the Piaz­za Bra. There’s a foun­tain in the mid­dle with bench­es and trees. You can get cof­fee and gela­to and it has an amaz­ing view of the Roman Are­na. Pho­to 4 is of Juli­et’s Bal­cony. The area was super crowd­ed but still cool to see. Pho­tos 5,6, 10,...

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A Kiss on the Chic’s Creative Retreat ~ Bellagio Day 4

Oct 1, 2012

Sep­tem­ber 21st, was the last day of the retreat. After I taught my Anti­quat­ed Curiosi­ties Shad­ow Box class Car­o­line and I ate lunch and head­ed out for a walk to go see the har­bor side of Bel­la­gio. Talk about worth every sin­gle gru­el­ing step up and down all the hills and many, many, many sets of steps. I told her I felt like I was at ulti­mate fat camp and the only thing instead of choco­late being dan­gled in front of me to keep me going was the gor­geous view around each and every turn along our path. Pho­to 1 is of the amaz­ing class­room. Pho­to 2 is the view from the amaz­ing class­room. Pho­to 3 was tak­en along the short walk to Babaya­ga where we had a won­der­ful Cheese Plat­ter, Cap­rese Sal­ad and Piz­za....

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