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Sep 27, 2012

What an incred­i­ble two weeks I’ve had… tru­ly amaz­ing! Sep­tem­ber 12th, I left for ScrapFest where I taught lots of card and mini album class­es and helped keep Emi­ly and Ron­da loaded up with sup­plies for the make & takes they were doing in the Maya Road booth. Car­o­line and I cut trim after trim after trim and so many paper stars I can’t even think about cut­ting out stars ever again. I think the one thing I love about work­ing with Maya Road is we may work hard but we also have LOADS of fun at the same time. We all four laughed so much and so hard every sin­gle day.

I think the best way to tell you about our awe­some time is with pho­tos and bul­let points. If not, I fear each post would end up being a nov­el.

  1. Sep­tem­ber 13th, Car­o­line, me, Ron­da and Emi­ly went to the Mall of Amer­i­ca at 9:30 p.m. to set up our booth and pre­pare for all the make & takes the next morn­ing.
  2. The 14th the crazi­ness began. Emi­ly and Ron­da did LOADS of make & takes while I taught class­es and when not teach­ing helped Car­o­line keep Emi­ly and Ron­da loaded up with sup­plies.
  3. The evening of the 14th Maya Road host­ed a store crop. Ron­da and I helped with make & takes while Emi­ly had every­one danc­ing “Gang­nam Style” for tick­ets to win­ner prizes. Let me just tell you, there are not enough tick­ets in the world to get me to dance “Gang­nam Stlye”. Car­o­line was pass­ing out prizes as fast as she could and we ALL had an awe­some night.
  4. I think Car­o­line totaled it up and Emi­ly and Ron­da did about 1,600 make & takes dur­ing ScrapFest.
  5. Of course we had to go to the Peeps store. You all know how I LOVE Peeps!
  6. We had an awe­some din­ner at Tuc­ci Ben­nuch.
  7. Star­bucks kept us going each and every day.
  8. This is on the 15th and you can see Emi­ly and Ron­da were hus­tling it in the make & take booth.
  9. That evening, we had anoth­er awe­some din­ner, this time at Stir Crazy.
  10. This is an overview of the booth tak­en on the 16th when it was get­ting close to the end.
  11. I found my book “Delight In The Details” in Archiver’s.
  12. The 16th after ScraFest was over Car­o­line and I had to do some wash to get ready for our Italy trip, the next morn­ing.
  13. The 17th Car­o­line and I left MN bright and ear­ly. Our first stop was Chica­go. I love this area of the air­port.
  14. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at McDon­ald’s before head­ing to New York.
  15. When trav­el­ing and I guess when not, Star­bucks is a must!
  16. Once we land­ed at LaGuardia air­port Car­o­line tells me we now need to catch a taxi to the JFK air­port. I love how she springs these lit­tle snip­pets of unex­pect­ed infor­ma­tion on me… so we are run­ning to bag­gage claim, use the restroom in record time, get a taxi and head to JFK. JKF is a mad­house of an air­port. We made it through all the nec­es­sary check points with moments to spare.
  17. Sep­tem­ber 18th we arrived in Milan, Italy and I was so excit­ed to get to Lau­ra McCol­lough’s A Kiss On The Chic’s Cre­ative Retreat in Bel­la­gio. She had a dri­ver wait­ing to pick up me and Car­o­line. It was about an hour and a half dri­ve from Milan to Bel­la­gio and our dri­ver Fran­co kept us most enter­tained with all his love for strong hap­py women and how Ital­ian women are pret­ty to look at but a pain to be mar­ried to. LOL, he even told us about all of his 4 wives. Car­o­line and I just shot looks to each oth­er try­ing not to laugh.

Since this post is already pret­ty much a mini nov­el I will tell you all about our first day in Bel­la­gio, tomor­row. Hon­est­ly, this inter­na­tion­al cre­ative retreat was the best most orga­nized retreat I’ve ever had the good for­tune to teach at. Lau­ra is so knowl­edge­able with the area that hav­ing her and her daugh­ter Vic­to­ria with you is like hav­ing your own per­son­al tour guide. You all MUST start sav­ing your pen­nies, euro’s, pounds or what ever cur­ren­cy you use NOW and attend the cre­ative retreat she is plan­ning in June 2013.  Lau­ra told me a few things she has planned for this one and you will enjoy every sin­gle sec­ond I promise… just wait until you see the posts I have set for the next week… AMAZING!

Hugs to you all!

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