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Sep 27, 2012

What an incredible two weeks I’ve had… truly amazing! September 12th, I left for ScrapFest where I taught lots of card and mini album classes and helped keep Emily and Ronda loaded up with supplies for the make & takes they were doing in the Maya Road booth. Caroline and I cut trim after trim after trim and so many paper stars I can’t even think about cutting out stars ever again. I think the one thing I love about working with Maya Road is we may work hard but we also have LOADS of fun at the same time. We all four laughed so much and so hard every single day.

I think the best way to tell you about our awesome time is with photos and bullet points. If not, I fear each post would end up being a novel.

  1. September 13th, Caroline, me, Ronda and Emily went to the Mall of America at 9:30 p.m. to set up our booth and prepare for all the make & takes the next morning.
  2. The 14th the craziness began. Emily and Ronda did LOADS of make & takes while I taught classes and when not teaching helped Caroline keep Emily and Ronda loaded up with supplies.
  3. The evening of the 14th Maya Road hosted a store crop. Ronda and I helped with make & takes while Emily had everyone dancing “Gangnam Style” for tickets to winner prizes. Let me just tell you, there are not enough tickets in the world to get me to dance “Gangnam Stlye”. Caroline was passing out prizes as fast as she could and we ALL had an awesome night.
  4. I think Caroline totaled it up and Emily and Ronda did about 1,600 make & takes during ScrapFest.
  5. Of course we had to go to the Peeps store. You all know how I LOVE Peeps!
  6. We had an awesome dinner at Tucci Bennuch.
  7. Starbucks kept us going each and every day.
  8. This is on the 15th and you can see Emily and Ronda were hustling it in the make & take booth.
  9. That evening, we had another awesome dinner, this time at Stir Crazy.
  10. This is an overview of the booth taken on the 16th when it was getting close to the end.
  11. I found my book “Delight In The Details” in Archiver’s.
  12. The 16th after ScraFest was over Caroline and I had to do some wash to get ready for our Italy trip, the next morning.
  13. The 17th Caroline and I left MN bright and early. Our first stop was Chicago. I love this area of the airport.
  14. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s before heading to New York.
  15. When traveling and I guess when not, Starbucks is a must!
  16. Once we landed at LaGuardia airport Caroline tells me we now need to catch a taxi to the JFK airport. I love how she springs these little snippets of unexpected information on me… so we are running to baggage claim, use the restroom in record time, get a taxi and head to JFK. JKF is a madhouse of an airport. We made it through all the necessary check points with moments to spare.
  17. September 18th we arrived in Milan, Italy and I was so excited to get to Laura McCollough’s A Kiss On The Chic’s Creative Retreat in Bellagio. She had a driver waiting to pick up me and Caroline. It was about an hour and a half drive from Milan to Bellagio and our driver Franco kept us most entertained with all his love for strong happy women and how Italian women are pretty to look at but a pain to be married to. LOL, he even told us about all of his 4 wives. Caroline and I just shot looks to each other trying not to laugh.

Since this post is already pretty much a mini novel I will tell you all about our first day in Bellagio, tomorrow. Honestly, this international creative retreat was the best most organized retreat I’ve ever had the good fortune to teach at. Laura is so knowledgeable with the area that having her and her daughter Victoria with you is like having your own personal tour guide. You all MUST start saving your pennies, euro’s, pounds or what ever currency you use NOW and attend the creative retreat she is planning in June 2013.  Laura told me a few things she has planned for this one and you will enjoy every single second I promise… just wait until you see the posts I have set for the next week… AMAZING!

Hugs to you all!

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