A Kiss on the Chic’s Creative Retreat ~ Bellagio

Sep 28, 2012

After an hour and a half of enter­tain­ment from our dri­ver from Milan to Bel­la­gio Car­o­line and I arrived at Lau­ra’s event “A Kiss on the Chic’s Cre­ative Retreat”. Ladies real­ly I know there is going to be a wait­ing list to attend next sum­mer’s event so as soon as Lau­ra goes live with her Sum­mer 2013 event sign up ASAP! You will be so sad to miss out on her next event.

Lau­ra was so orga­nized. She had a yahoo group for those attend­ing her event so we could all be kept up on all the fun details. Make sure you join the group so you don’t miss out on any infor­ma­tion she shares. Lau­ra noti­fied every­one when she noticed air­fare deals were being offered, shared fun facts about Lake Como, put togeth­er an amaz­ing pack­ing list for you to use and so much more. I hope you all know me well enough now to know I do not rec­om­mend any­thing or use any prod­uct I do not firm­ly believe in or use myself. This event was AMAZING!

So I guess it’s time to tell you about day one Sep­tem­ber 18th, in Bel­la­gio. The event actu­al­ly start­ed on the 15th but since I was teach­ing at ScrapFest I joined a few days late. From the pho­tos you can cer­tain­ly tell it is gor­geous.

  1. This is the view Car­o­line and I saw as our dri­ver drove us up to the Grand Hotel Vil­la Ser­bel­loni. Yes my eyes bugged out of my head and my mouth dropped wide open. I had seen pho­tos of the hotel but see­ing it in per­son is sim­ply amaz­ing!
  2. This is the road that leads up to our apart­ment. STUNNING is all I can say.
  3. This is the view from our apart­ment win­dow. Each morn­ing we would open the win­dows to church bells and an amaz­ing sun­rise. It is sim­ply amaz­ing to hear the town come to life in the morn­ing.
  4. This was the view right out of our door. We looked right out onto Lake Como.
  5. Car­o­line and I took a short nap well if you call a four hour nap short but we had been trav­el­ing for 24 hours. I was pooped! Once we got up we head­ed out for a lit­tle walk around town.
  6. This is anoth­er view of Lake Como from our apart­ment win­dow. The moun­tains were gor­geous espe­cial­ly when the sun was ris­ing and set­ting each day.
  7. This adorable scene is what we looked at while eat­ing din­ner out­side at a cafe. I loved the look of the vines, pot­ted flow­ers and bicy­cle mixed with the sound of the water foun­tain next to them.
  8. Of course I had to have a diet coke pho­to to go along with the one I took while in Mykonos, Greece. The caf­feine was much need­ed.
  9. This is anoth­er view from the cafe where we ate din­ner. I loved the col­or of the build­ing and shut­ters with the wall cov­ered with vine and pot­ted flow­ers. I would have loved to have seen what was behind that door.
  10. After din­ner we walked around some more and got some Gela­to… that was a no brain­er for sure.
  11. Loved all the stair­ways… make sure you start walk­ing now… you WILL walk up more stair­ways than you can imag­ine.
  12. A cute view dur­ing our walk. Well actu­al­ly every where you look is a cute view.
  13. Anoth­er amaz­ing view on our walk. Seri­ous­ly every sin­gle view is a pic­ture post­card view.
  14. We watched the sun set behind the moun­tains and fin­ished our first day in Bel­la­gio, Italy.

That night, once Car­o­line and I got to bed we kept hear­ing this bang out­side. So me being me I had to find out what and where this noise was so I got up to look out the win­dow and what did I see… the most AMAZING fire­works dis­play over­look­ing the hotel and Lake Como. It was the most amaz­ing fire­works dis­play I have ever seen. We found out the next day it was for a wed­ding being held at the hotel, which explained why I saw that after­noon flower petals being thrown out of an air­plane over the hotel. I thought my eyes were play­ing tricks on me because I was so tired but nope… rose petals tru­ly fell from the plane… CRAZY!

Day two is tomor­row… wait until you see the class­room I taught in… the only word I can think of to describe it is AMAZING and I know I am wear­ing this word out fast!


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