On the Road with Mom and Dad

Aug 13, 2012

I’m on my yearly drive to Buckhannon, WV with mom and dad to see family at the old homestead. We left early, Sunday morning… so early we watched the sunrise… this is not something dad and I see all that often if ever… now mom most likely every single morning, dad and I, well we are more of the sunset kinda people.

After about three hours of driving we stopped to eat breakfast. I left a little piece of Art Abandonment at a Cracker Barrel, as we left. This is so fun to do… if you haven’t done this before you really should. There is a wonderful Facebook Group called Art Abandonment that you really should join. Click HERE to check out the group.

It’s always nice looking at the different types of landscaping at rest stops… some are better than others but all have a little beauty if you just look.

And road trip snacks are always a must. This is candy, Caroline brought me from Seattle. I waited until this trip to eat them… mom, dad and I are trying to make them last as long as possible… super big challenge as these are AMAZING!

Once we cross the bridge into Tennessee we always stop at the BB King and Elvis Presley Visitors Center and walk around. It’s a nice spot to stop, walk around and stretch your legs.

This is the second Art Abandonment piece I left on our journey. I figure someone will see it as it is right at the base of the statue of Elvis.

After 12 hours of driving we called it a day and this bed was certainly calling my name. I did come to the conclusion that I certainly prefer traveling with mom and dad to WV, at 47 years old rather than 10 years old…

  1. When you’re 10 you have a younger brother (8 years old) who loved to fart on your head when you were trying to sleep in the car.
  2. When you’re 47 with your parents driving in the car that worry does not exist…
  3. When you’re 10 you have a younger sister (2 yrs. old) that had to sit on the console of the Lincoln yelling I want to sit on the hump, I want to sit on the hump and then proceeding to bounce up and down on the hump making me want to pull my hair out.
  4. When you’re 47 everyone in the car is too big to sit on the console and certainly doesn’t have the energy to yell and bounce up and down wanting to sit on the hump.
  5. When you’re 10 you only stop at gas stations to get gas, food and go to the bathroom.
  6. When you’re 47 you get to stop at rest stops to smell the flowers, walk around and eat in restaurants.
  7. When you’re 10 you drive all night and all day to get to WV.
  8. When you’re 47 you get to take two days to get to WV.
  9. When you’re 10 you don’t laugh nearly enough in the car.
  10. When you’re 47 you laugh all the time and enjoy being with your mom and dad far more than you ever did when you were 10.
We’ll arrive in Buckhannon, WV, this afternoon. Which will not be a minute too soon, believe me.


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