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Aug 22, 2012

This morning was the last morning to look out Aunt Wilda’s kitchen window to see  deer grazing on clover and I’m going to miss it something terrible.

I’ll miss watching the sun set on the old homestead. It still amazes me that the house was rolled up over the hill from across the street. They had it sitting on top of logs pulled by horses and placed in its spot by my great great grandfather Enoch Childers in 1900.

I’ll miss digging for treasures with my cousin Connie. She is the best digger ever. We were outside talking and before I knew it she put a rake in my hand, had one in her’s and off we went raking out from underneath the old smokehouse. Some of these treasures will be found in creations for book 3.

I’ll miss picking and eating grape tomatoes from Aunt Wilda’s tomato plants. They are so good and sweet!

I’ll miss the morning walks mom and I take as well as taking photos of the flowers, trees and bushes along our path. I’ll miss chatting with family while sitting on the deck enjoying a cool breeze. I’ll miss hearing all the stories of when mom and her brother and sister were younger and how my grandfather drove a jeep for half his postal route and rode a horse to finish the other half.

And I’ll miss seeing this view as we drive into the old homestead. But you can bet as we leave and I’m looking back I’ll be counting down the days until next summer. I love West Virginia and I love this place.


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