Hand Blown Glass & Quilts

Aug 16, 2012

One thing I love is glass­ware. Mom passed this gene right on down to me. She and I love to hunt for glass pieces in antique stores and thrift shops. I like to col­lect milk glass and green depres­sion glass. Mom likes hand cut glass. Hand blow glass is anoth­er love of ours and get­ting to watch Ron Hin­kle demo how he makes some of his items was a true treat. We’ve vis­it­ed his shop in Buck­han­non, WV 4 years straight and he’s always been no the road but this time we hit our vis­it just right. He is such a won­der­ful guy and cre­ates some of the most amaz­ing pieces of art. It’s sad to me that hand blown glass is a fad­ing art.

It was won­der­ful get­ting to watch him cre­ate beau­ti­ful orna­ments with a feath­er pat­tern. He made it look so easy but I guess after 39 years of mak­ing glass pieces he has mas­tered his craft. If you are ever in the area you real­ly do need to make a vis­it up to his place. It’s worth the trip.

We also vis­it­ed my cous­in’s quilt shop, The Stitch­ing House. It is the cutest shop inside an old house. Every lit­tle spot of their shop is filled with gor­geous quilts, vin­tage dis­play pieces and more fab­ric than I could ever imag­ine. I am always amazed when I see any hand stitched quilt. Quilts are a true piece of art as each stitch is care­ful­ly placed and pre­cise­ly stitched. I have one of my grand­moth­er’s and it is a trea­sure.

We spend each evening wait­ing for the deer and turkey to come feed. I will spare you a pho­to since all the pho­tos pret­ty much look the same and I shared a pho­to, yes­ter­day … 3 or 4 deer and one turkey.


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