Blast from the Past

Aug 2, 2012

While organizing photos in my gallery, late last night, I stumbled upon some layouts I created when I first started to scrapbook back in 2005. Oh goodness do I have some fun layouts to show you… it’s so funny to me looking back at what I’ve created.

When we first moved into our home the summer of 1999 there were gorgeous sunflower fields all over. I loved going out each morning and taking photos of them with the morning sun highlighting each petal. It truly was gorgeous. I did learn one hard lesson though… did you know when you cut wild sunflowers they seep this REALLY STICKY stuff? When this sappy stuff gets on anything it’s like trying to remove gorilla glue… I didn’t think I would ever rid my kitchen table of this stuff. But I had a vase filled with gorgeous sunflowers each week.

I thought it would be fun to look at this layout and see what I still do and do not do when creating. This layout really makes me laugh.

  • I still love to use journaling strips and now make them using my vintage typewriter and computer.
  • I still love to edge my patterned paper with brown ink. Now I distress the edges just a bit as well.
  • Now, I hardly ever use brads.
  • Now, I hardly ever use fibers. I use mostly embroidery floss or baker’s twine.
  • I still love to make paper flowers. Now I add 3 or 4 layers, instead of just one as shown.
  • Now, I hardly ever use solid cardstock. I use mostly patterned papers and vintage papers like sheet music, book pages and ledger paper.
  • I still love layouts with lots of dimension and texture, as is this one.
  • I don’t use metal eyelet alphas anymore. Now I use chipboard alphas.
  • I still use foam squares to add dimension.
  • I still use ribbon.

Have you looked back at your creations from several years ago?  I bet you will be surprised and happy to see how far you have come. I’ll share another layout, tomorrow. This one shows how I really branched out and got super creative by using glossy accents and glitter. LOL

Now, go look at all your scrapbooks and see how far you’ve come.


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