Blast from the Past

Aug 2, 2012

While orga­niz­ing pho­tos in my gallery, late last night, I stum­bled upon some lay­outs I cre­at­ed when I first start­ed to scrap­book back in 2005. Oh good­ness do I have some fun lay­outs to show you… it’s so fun­ny to me look­ing back at what I’ve cre­at­ed.

When we first moved into our home the sum­mer of 1999 there were gor­geous sun­flower fields all over. I loved going out each morn­ing and tak­ing pho­tos of them with the morn­ing sun high­light­ing each petal. It tru­ly was gor­geous. I did learn one hard les­son though… did you know when you cut wild sun­flow­ers they seep this REALLY STICKY stuff? When this sap­py stuff gets on any­thing it’s like try­ing to remove goril­la glue… I did­n’t think I would ever rid my kitchen table of this stuff. But I had a vase filled with gor­geous sun­flow­ers each week.

I thought it would be fun to look at this lay­out and see what I still do and do not do when cre­at­ing. This lay­out real­ly makes me laugh.

  • I still love to use jour­nal­ing strips and now make them using my vin­tage type­writer and com­put­er.
  • I still love to edge my pat­terned paper with brown ink. Now I dis­tress the edges just a bit as well.
  • Now, I hard­ly ever use brads.
  • Now, I hard­ly ever use fibers. I use most­ly embroi­dery floss or bak­er’s twine.
  • I still love to make paper flow­ers. Now I add 3 or 4 lay­ers, instead of just one as shown.
  • Now, I hard­ly ever use sol­id card­stock. I use most­ly pat­terned papers and vin­tage papers like sheet music, book pages and ledger paper.
  • I still love lay­outs with lots of dimen­sion and tex­ture, as is this one.
  • I don’t use met­al eye­let alphas any­more. Now I use chip­board alphas.
  • I still use foam squares to add dimen­sion.
  • I still use rib­bon.

Have you looked back at your cre­ations from sev­er­al years ago?  I bet you will be sur­prised and hap­py to see how far you have come. I’ll share anoth­er lay­out, tomor­row. This one shows how I real­ly branched out and got super cre­ative by using glossy accents and glit­ter. LOL

Now, go look at all your scrap­books and see how far you’ve come.


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