Art Abandonment

Aug 14, 2012

As mom, dad and I left the hotel this morning I left a piece of abandoned art in the lobby. This was the third piece I left on our trip to WV and must say it is so super fun. You really need to do this… the gift of receiving an email from a recipient is so worth it. Here is an email I received from a lady who found my dream tag.

Just wanted to say thank you. My name is Karen and I serve breakfast at the Holiday Inn express in White House, TN. I hope you enjoyed your stay and I was the one who found your gift and I love it. I went out and hung it from the rear view mirror in my car. I wish I knew who you were but regardless I will be thinking of you everyday when I see it and it does mean a lot to me. Hope you have a safe trip and get to your destination without trouble and maybe you’ll come through hear again someday.

Thank you again….Karen L.

How fun is that! Karen is the first person to reply to me and I hope I get more but if not, leaving a piece here and there and knowing someone will find them is fun enough. You can learn about the Art Abandonment Group HERE.

This is the fourth abandoned art piece I left after we finished eating breakfast in Kentucky at a Cracker Barrel. I must say driving through Kentucky is one of my favorite states to drive through. Seeing all the white fences and barns with painted quilt square patterns on them are so pretty.

But after 21 hours of driving the prettiest things to see were these two things… the sign welcoming us to the state of West Virginia and my aunt and uncles home.

While here I plan on catching up with family, doing some antique shopping, working a little each day and watching for deer and wild turkeys every evening. This truly is one of my favorite places to visit.


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