What a DAY!

Jul 16, 2012

Today, certainly did NOT start out as a normal second day of set up in the Maya Road booth. Our booth did NOT arrive until 11:30 this morning… YES, 11:30 and the first day of CHA is TOMORROW!!!  I have never had such a pit in the bottom of my stomach as I had today. I cannot even imagine how Caroline and David felt. There is so much work to be done getting this booth ready for a show it will make your head spin and eyes glaze over.

We stopped for 30 min. to eat lunch and thankfully, Jimmy John’s delivers. We inhaled our food and it was right back to work unloading crates filled with flooring, the display, product and lots of design team boxes…

One good thing is we do have fun neighbors… Jenni Bowlin Studios (you know I LOVE being next to Jenni), Simple Stories and Therm-o-web. All are super nice people and have great product.

We filled catalogs with price sheets and do have them all ready to go… at least one company did as they said they would. This is a plus.

After they had everyone leave the convention center so they could put down the carpeting in the aisles we all went to eat at the Golden Elephant. I had their Thai Fried Rice Combo and it was delish.

Now, I’m headed to bed for a crazy morning to finish up the booth, getting ready for some fun Maya Road make-n-takes and my “Welcome Home with Maya Road” workshop. See you all soon.

Oh and if you would like a free signed copy of my latest book “Delight In The Seasons” just be the first person to tell me you love the NEW Maya Road Pearl Bead Chain while I’m doing make-n-takes in their booth (#233).

I’m so in love with the new Pearl Bead Chain I can hardly stand it. It is AMAZING!


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