Maya Road Linen Album

Jul 12, 2012

So hap­py to final­ly be able to share the Maya Road Cat­a­log for CHA-Sum­mer. They have some awe­some prod­ucts com­ing out this release and one of my favorite’s is their new 4″ Binder Linen Album that has 3 linen pages and 3 chip­board pages. I fin­ished my mini album using this album just in the knick of time too… I leave bright and ear­ly… no, wait it wont even be bright when I head to the air­port Sat­ur­day morn­ing, just ear­ly… ugh. I’m so not a morn­ing per­son… I just hope while I’m passed out in my seat on the plane I don’t drool.

Okay enough of my trav­el­ing and on to my mini album… I had fun alter­ing this album with lots of amaz­ing new prod­uct. Notice the key in the cen­ter, it’s anoth­er new release favorite of mine, it is their new Antique Room Key. GASP, it looks so vin­tage! The tulle around the Linen Heart you see is their new Tu-Tu Tulle in Seafoam Blue. I LOVE this too!

In this pho­to you can see an one altered linen page and one altered chip­board page. The quilt you see is part of an old fam­i­ly quilt that my great great aunts made years ago. It is all tat­tered and torn so I’m using it for her­itage projects. The wed­ding cou­ple in the pho­to­graph is me and Alan on our wed­ding day.

Here is an overview of the entire mini album. I love all the sparkle from the sil­ver glass glit­ter, Cher­ry Red Maya Glit­ter and rhine­stone trim.  I think these mixed with vin­tage shell but­tons look amaz­ing.

The Small Red Organ­za Ros­es Rib­bon looks gor­geous next to the Seafoam Blue Tu-Tu Tulle and Linen Burlap. Notice the tiny peek of Cream Linen Burlap under­neath the Red Organ­za Ros­es Rib­bon, this is new. I just trimmed it down to run along the mid­dle of the Linen Burlap piece.

I want to work on anoth­er Linen Binder and stitch the entire front, side and back cov­er, kin­da like the vin­tage sam­plers you find in antique shops. I think it would look amaz­ing. Although, this will be a work in progress as I have a feel­ing this idea will not be fast to com­plete.


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