I Love Downtown Chicago

Jul 15, 2012

I think Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit and I never tire of walking downtown. The architecture, landmarks and window shopping is amazing. Getting to spend the day with Caroline, David, Laura, Ronda, Emily and Jessica made it even better. So what started out not being such a great day ended up being a blast.

I love riding the train into downtown and am intrigued with how close businesses and homes are to the train. The train is literally in their backyards. I’m sure it has to be super loud but I guess they get used to it.

The Civic Opera House was really pretty and walking over the river is a guaranteed beautiful view and for some reason I really like seeing all the metal beams underneath the train. I think they are very interesting. We even got to see Chicago firefighters in action. One of the very tall buildings we were all walking by had a fire about half way up.

While walking around downtown you see flowers and greenery all over. They have large planters filled with all kinds of colorful flowers and flower beds placed in front of stores all long the streets with pretty wrought iron fencing outlining the flower beds.

We all hurried into Dick Blick for some serious art supply looking… this store is two levels of awesome goodness and the art they have placed around the store is really neat. I was really intrigued with this very large painting. This is only about a 1/3 of the painting. I even found some gorgeous papers I plan on using for projects in book #3.

We went to see the Bean at Millennium Park which is always fun. The flower gardens as you walk around are gorgeous. And did you now this… “It is considered bad manners and harmful to your taste buds to put ketchup on your hot dog within the city limits of Chicago”. LOL, the Notice sign cracked me up and seeing the ketchup bottle next to the mustard at the very end of the hot dog stand made me giggle. Sorry for the bad photo too.

And it does not matter how long the line is at Garrett the wait is so worth it… nothing better than their “Chicago Mix” which is cheese and caramel popcorn mixed together. Talk about YUMMY!

And I even found Waldo twice while walking around downtown…. first I found him sitting at an intersection while crossing the street and then eating at a Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

So how was your day? Mine was awesome. Tomorrow, well it might be a little different. Major set up day for us all. I’ll give you a recap tomorrow night.


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