Fun at Navy Pier

Jul 23, 2012

Friday, morning after playing an awesome game of Tetris trying to fit everything into my suitcases Caroline, Emily and I got on the train and headed for downtown Chicago to see Navy Pier. We walked and walked and walked for what seemed like forever… I think Caroline and Emily know how far we walked but are keeping it a secret from me. I swear, I thought they were trying to do me in.  But thankfully, there was an amazing breeze, cooler temps and loads of laughs along the way.

Once we finally arrived, which was well worth the walk I have to say,  Navy Pier really is a neat place to visit. We went into the mall and got a Jamba Juice and while walking inside, Emily noticed this neat kiosk that would take your photo for free and post it to Facebook so we had to take a photo.

After we got our Jamba Juice we headed outside to see Navy Pier. This place is filled with people, seagulls and fun. We looked around a bit then walked through the beautiful parks.

While making our way to the parks we stumbled upon the sculpture of Bob Newhart as Dr. Bob Hartely in the Bob Newhart Show. I remember my family watching this show every single week. We then walked to Paper Source to look around then got some lunch at a neat place called Brett’s Kitchen. I LOVED this sandwich shop.

We then headed back to get on the train and head to the airport for what we thought would be our flight home… but that was not in the cards for us, Friday night. David, Caroline, Emily and I were sitting and chatting away in the food court at the airport when we soon discovered our flight was cancelled. So we said good bye to Emily since her’s was still a go and Caroline, David and I spent the night at the Westin O’Hara Hotel in a super comfy bed and dreading the thought of getting up at 4:00 a.m. to catch our 6:00 a.m. flight home to Dallas.


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