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Jul 24, 2012

Yes, this post is all about my friend, Wendy Vec­chi. She has so many won­der­ful things going on right now that there is no way I could post sev­er­al through­out the week. I have to post it ALL today! First up are her awe­some new Stamp Sets by Stam­pers Anony­mous. They are adorable, gor­geous and funky. I love the unique mix in this release.

Next are her new Art Parts… Look at the Pitch­er of Ros­es piece… I love how it has the inside piece cut out so the pitch­er stays flat on your piece… so smart that Wendy is I tell ya. Her Birds with Wings set is anoth­er of my favorites.

And look at the huge secret she has been keep­ing… Wendy now has Sten­cils for Art… wait until you see what she has cre­at­ed using these sten­cils. You are going to want every sin­gle one… promise.

And not only has she designed new stamps, art parts and sten­cils she also just fin­ished BOOK SEVEN… I don’t think she ever sleeps. Now, on to some­thing super, super excit­ing.… all her Blos­som Buck­et ~ Embell­ish Your Art embell­ish­ments. These are ADORABLE and YES I want every sin­gle one!

And here is the super, super, super excit­ing thing… Wendy now has her own Home Decor Line with Blos­som Buck­et. Check these out! The items hang­ing on the doors and wall and spec­i­men bee and funky lady sit­ting on the table are her Embell­ish your Art Sam­ples but every­thing else are all her NEW HOME DECOR items… love the lamp, the house sit­ting on top a door knob, the flow­ers inside the door knob, her super cool two tiered orga­niz­er, her lit­tle stand, the cool head sit­ting on the door knob with the paint­brush on top of it’s head (so Wendy funky) you just have to keep look­ing and look­ing as you will see some­thing new every time.

Con­grat­u­la­tions, Wendy! I’m thrilled for you and all your suc­cess.


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