CHA-Summer 2012 Day 3

Jul 22, 2012

Here is anoth­er of my favorite Maya Road sum­mer release prod­ucts… FABRIC TAPE! Their new Fab­ric Tape comes in Blos­som Pink, Barn Red, Sun Yel­low, Leaf Green, Ocean Blue, Coal Black, Coun­try Rose and Flo­ral Gar­den. The tag the sam­ples are attached to is one of the new Maya Road Wood Ship­ping Tags. They come in 4 styles & 8 pieces that range from 2″ to 3″.

One of the projects in the Maya Road booth I could not keep my eyes off of was this can­vas cre­at­ed by Dina Wak­ley. She used Maya Mist mixed with ges­so, Nat­ur­al Wood But­tons and Vin­tage Wood Birds.  I LOVE Dina’s work. She is such a sweet, tal­ent­ed and very goofy kin­da gal. She makes me laugh and I’m so glad I get to see her in Octo­ber, at Artis­tic Jour­ney.

And this pin­cush­ion cre­at­ed by Lau­ra Vigliaro­lo real­ly caught my vin­tage lov­ing eyes. I real­ly tried to fig­ure out a way to get this home with­out her miss­ing it but she kept a close eye on me.

On the last day of the show every­one in the booth gets a turn at walk­ing the floor to check out all the new items. I hur­ried to straight over to the Tim Holtz booth to see his amaz­ing bot­tle brush trees Mario had been teas­ing every­one with, with all his BTS posts. They did not dis­ap­point. Talk about gor­geous dyed with Tim’s Dis­tress Inks.

I also had to spend some time in Jen­ni Bowl­in’s booth. You all know how I LOVE every­thing she designs and look­ing at all the antique finds she uses to dis­play her prod­uct is so fun. She cer­tain­ly has an eye for all things vin­tage.

Once I got back to the booth, the show was soon to be over. It is amaz­ing once they announce the show is over work­ers instant­ly open the dock doors, fork­lifts start com­ing in bring­ing crates and pal­lets to the man­u­fac­tur­ers and booth tear downs begin.

We tore the booth down in record time. It was quite impres­sive and we even noticed that David loves Maya Road so much he sweats heart shapes on his shirt.

After tear down we went back to the hotel to fresh­en up then had an awe­some din­ner at P.F. Chang’s. To top off our din­ner we all shared their fab­u­lous The Great Wall of Choco­late Cake. This cake is the most amaz­ing desert. It’s six rich lay­ers of frost­ed choco­late cake topped with semi-sweet choco­late chips, served with fresh berries and rasp­ber­ry sauce.

Then we all wad­dled back to the car and head­ed to the hotel for a night of great sleep know­ing we did not have to get up ear­ly in the morn­ing. We could sleep in and had a day planned to spend at Navy Pier. I’ll tell you all about this tomor­row.


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