Rose Shaped Crayons

Jun 27, 2012

Made­lyn had such a fun time cre­at­ing these rose shaped crayons. All you need is crayons and gosh do I ever have a stash of crayons (I always saved those left over from Ter­ri and Ans­ley’s school days) and a sil­i­cone rose muf­fin pan. I found mine at Hob­by Lob­by in the cake sec­tion. I have seen sil­i­cone ice cube trays in the $1 sec­tion at Tar­get in dif­fer­ent themes so look there too. I saw hearts, stars and luau themes, just yes­ter­day.

All you need to do is take the paper off of each cray­on, break each cray­on into 4 pieces, place into molds until the crayons fill each mold, place into pre­heat­ed oven and bake at 350 degrees for 10 — 13 min., remove from oven and let cool com­plete­ly. Once the wax is com­plete­ly hard­ened remove from mold.

Made­lyn and I  mixed our crayons into 6 col­or cat­e­gories so she would have mul­ti­col­ored rose crayons.

  1. shades of blues
  2. shades of pur­ples
  3. shades of greens
  4. shades of yel­lows and oranges
  5. shades of browns and white to use as a neu­tral cray­on.

Have fun!

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