Bellie Comes to Visit

Jun 19, 2012

Oh how I LOVE being an Aunt!!! Bel­lie, my youngest niece is vis­it­ing this week. This is her first time to come and stay for a week all by her­self. Alan and I have been wait­ing for this moment for a very long time. Although in the pho­to below that was tak­en on the way back to our house, she informed us she is not Bel­lie… she is a wal­rus. How could we make such a mis­take?

As you can see from the col­lage there is some seri­ous spoil­ing going on. But this is our job and Alan and I take our work very seri­ous­ly. 

Just a typ­i­cal day with Uncle Alan and Beasie (my old­est niece Aman­da gave me this name years ago and it stuck)

  1. Play­ing at the park after eat­ing ice cream from Dairy Queen.
  2. Uncle Alan giv­ing her a lit­tle push on the swing as need­ed. These two are best bud­dies.
  3. Bub­ble bath fit for a Princess. Bel­lie: I feel like a princess. Me: You are a princess.
  4. Feed­ing Ans­ley’s rats, Lily and Daisy one Chee­rio after anoth­er.
  5. Bel­lie and Alan play­ing on the com­put­er and watch­ing a movie.
  6. Son­ny has his own way of babysit­ting… notice how he’s trapped Bel­lie in his crate.
  7. Feed­ing the ducks in the neigh­bor­hood. Bel­lie: Hey ducks it’s rain­ing pop­corn from the sky.
  8. And feed­ing more ducks in the neigh­bor­hood.
  9. Chiefie wait­ing ever so patient­ly for Bel­lie to play ball.
  10. Bel­lie LOVES hold­ing Lily.
  11. Bel­lie’s picks for the goody draw­er.
  12. When shop­ping at Tar­get a Blue Rasp­ber­ry ICEE is a must.
  13. Watch­ing one of many movies with Uncle Alan. Love how she decid­ed to sit and watch The Cat in The Hat.

Tomor­row, I will announce the win­ner of the signed copy of my book “Delight In The Sea­sons ~ Craft­ing a Year of Mem­o­rable Hol­i­days and Cel­e­bra­tions”… from THIS past post. Good Luck!


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