Bellie Comes to Visit

Jun 19, 2012

Oh how I LOVE being an Aunt!!! Bellie, my youngest niece is visiting this week. This is her first time to come and stay for a week all by herself. Alan and I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Although in the photo below that was taken on the way back to our house, she informed us she is not Bellie… she is a walrus. How could we make such a mistake?

As you can see from the collage there is some serious spoiling going on. But this is our job and Alan and I take our work very seriously. 

Just a typical day with Uncle Alan and Beasie (my oldest niece Amanda gave me this name years ago and it stuck)

  1. Playing at the park after eating ice cream from Dairy Queen.
  2. Uncle Alan giving her a little push on the swing as needed. These two are best buddies.
  3. Bubble bath fit for a Princess. Bellie: I feel like a princess. Me: You are a princess.
  4. Feeding Ansley’s rats, Lily and Daisy one Cheerio after another.
  5. Bellie and Alan playing on the computer and watching a movie.
  6. Sonny has his own way of babysitting… notice how he’s trapped Bellie in his crate.
  7. Feeding the ducks in the neighborhood. Bellie: Hey ducks it’s raining popcorn from the sky.
  8. And feeding more ducks in the neighborhood.
  9. Chiefie waiting ever so patiently for Bellie to play ball.
  10. Bellie LOVES holding Lily.
  11. Bellie’s picks for the goody drawer.
  12. When shopping at Target a Blue Raspberry ICEE is a must.
  13. Watching one of many movies with Uncle Alan. Love how she decided to sit and watch The Cat in The Hat.

Tomorrow, I will announce the winner of the signed copy of my book “Delight In The Seasons ~ Crafting a Year of Memorable Holidays and Celebrations”… from THIS past post. Good Luck!


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