A Birthday Luncheon Surprise

Jun 28, 2012

Madelyn had a super special day, yesterday. In this photo she had no clue what fun was headed her way. Before coming to see us this week, she discovered there was an American Girl store in Dallas. Madelyn LOVES her American Girl My Twin and wanted so badly to go and get her dolls ears pierced. So me being me could not just settle for that knowing her 9th birthday was so close… July 2nd.

Before she arrived I called and made reservations for a surprise birthday luncheon in her honor. Ansley and Terri were able to come celebrate with us and my mom and dad and her mom and Malcolm made sure to send her money (unknowingly to her it was tucked inside her suitcase) so Madelyn could purchase her beloved McKenna doll. The expression on my sweet niece’s face when we drove up to the store as well as the excitement that filled her during the torturous 15 min drive, all the way to the Galleria, was priceless. If you ever have the chance to surprise a soon to be 9 year old with a birthday luncheon at the American Girl store do it… it is worth every single penny spent.

When we arrived at the Bistro for her birthday luncheon they had a “Birthday” crown placed on the table for her and her doll Whitney. Whitney, sat in her special chair next to Madelyn and sipped on pink lemonade while we ate and chatted. Each of us got an amazing appetizer of our choice. We all picked the fruit plate with a yogurt dip and two strawberry muffins. Madelyn had a Strawberry fix drink and the rest of us had pink lemonade. After our awesome lunch, Madelyn had macaroni and cheese topped with a cheese star, they brought her the cutest birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday”. I must say, I do believe she wanted to crawl underneath the table during this part. But she got through it and we then ate cake and ice cream.

As her surprise birthday luncheon started to wind down they gave Madelyn an adorable goody bag filled with a plastic balloon and special birthday shirt for her doll to hold and wear and a book for Madelyn. We then headed down to shop and shopping she did… she got her beloved doll McKenna, Terri and Ansley each bought her an outfit and I got her dolls ears pierced. It was priceless watching Madelyn leave the store so happy and I believe still in a bit of shock.

It is so awesome when a dream you have, no matter your age, comes true.

And now here they sit playing, playing and playing together for hours. Changing clothes, brushing hair and changing clothes again. As I’ve said many times… I LOVE being an Aunt!


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