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May 4, 2012

The one thing about me and my blog is I real­ly do try hard to keep it real, hon­est and true. I don’t want to hide behind it and make peo­ple think my cre­ative life is so amaz­ing, excit­ing and won­der­ful. This indus­try has lots of won­der­ful perks and I enjoy it immense­ly. I know I’m blessed so please do not take this wrong and think I’m not grate­ful and appre­cia­tive but this indus­try also has LOTS of stress, frus­tra­tion, at times unre­al­is­tic dead­lines, a lit­tle back­stab­bing here and there (sad but true) and idea steal­ing (again sad but true). I try not to focus on the bad part, just the good and share my love of art and all things vin­tage.

So I thought I would talk to you today, about three behind the scenes things you might not think about…

Cre­at­ing on Demand with cer­tain prod­ucts is some­thing I learned ear­ly on and good­ness am I ever so glad I did as it can be quite chal­leng­ing and stress­ful. Cre­at­ing on demand with a 24 hour turn around is even more stress­ful. If you were giv­en say, five prod­ucts and you can only use these 5 prod­ucts with maybe your own paper choice and are giv­en 24 hours to cre­ate some­thing that every­one will see pub­licly would you be anx­ious or get a cre­ative block? Even though we are con­sid­ered pro­fes­sion­als in the indus­try most of us still have these feel­ings. So be kind with crit­i­cism as you nev­er know how long the design­er had to cre­ate their piece.

Blog­ging… blog­ging takes up a LOT of time. So be kind to those who miss a few days or maybe even a week. I know when I post a tuto­r­i­al is takes me at least an hour and some­times two to post the pho­tos, include the sup­plies and tools and write up all the instruc­tions. Some days I(we) just do not have an hour to devote to blog­ging, espe­cial­ly when CHA comes around.

Pric­ing… Whether it be class­es to teach at stores or online work­shops I know I work my tail off as well as many oth­ers in the indus­try. I make sure every­one has full detailed instruc­tions, col­or pho­tos, unique vin­tage finds, sup­plies, etc. So by the time I(we) cre­ate the project to teach, kit it, take pho­tos, write the instruc­tions and spend 3 to 4 hours teach­ing it I(we) have put in many behind the scene hours prepar­ing. Just some­thing to think about  as I(we) get from point A to point B. By the time you divide all the behind the scenes hours and the teach­ing time, pric­ing usu­al­ly is pret­ty rea­son­able, please be kind.

Please don’t take this post as a lec­ture. I just want it to be some­thing for every­one to think about. I(we) in the indus­try try hard to make peo­ple hap­py, we real­ly do. I love to share ideas and am very giv­ing and open with infor­ma­tion, so please be kind.


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