Mother’s Day Recap

May 18, 2012

I hope you all enjoyed your Moth­er’s Day as much as I enjoyed mine. My fam­i­ly made me feel very spe­cial. First I was treat­ed to a Dyan Reave­ley class at Stam­pers Anony­mous. Car­olyn Ross and I went togeth­er and had lots of fun. I can promise you this is the messi­est my hands have ever been in my LIFE! I think the one thing I real­ly loved about Dyan’s class was she did­n’t give you time to over think what you were doing when cre­at­ing the back­ground for the album. This is one of my issues with art jour­nal­ing… I over think every­thing! I just need to do it and free my very detailed, over ana­lyt­i­cal cre­ative brain. Dyan gave you the per­fect amount of time to do the tech­nique and move on… no over think­ing allowed just do it and go. If you have the chance to take one of her class­es when she is back in the USA do it… you will LOVE it and be so hap­py you did.

After the class with Dyan, Ans­ley and Alan took me to din­ner at Fud­druck­ers (Poor Ter­ri was sick). I had a super yum­my salmon burg­er and laughed at how excit­ed Ans­ley and Alan were with the amaz­ing coke machine… so many fla­vors to pick from… I had a rasp­ber­ry fla­vored Diet Coke and stuck with that, they on the oth­er had tried sev­er­al dif­fer­ent kinds… Vanil­la Root Beer, Peach Sprite and Straw­ber­ry Sprite. Not only was I treat­ed to a class and din­ner but I was also treat­ed to some Faber-Castell Mix & Match Col­or Gelatos & Clear Stamp Sets in (Red, Blue, Green, Yel­low, Metal­lic and Neu­tral) as well as the Metal­lic and Essen­tial Gelatos. These were all pur­chased from The Crafty Scrap­per. So as you can see I had a won­der­ful arty fam­i­ly Moth­er’s Day.

And I just have to share this crazy fam­i­ly pho­to­booth pho­to. While eat­ing at Fud­druck­ers, I attempt­ed to take a pho­to­booth pic­ture of all of us togeth­er… but it did­n’t quite work out as well as I was hop­ing. The laughs I get every sin­gle time I look at it cer­tain­ly was worth the attempt though…

Pho­to 1: Try­ing to get all of us squeezed in the pho­to.
Pho­to 2: Where is Alan? He did­n’t know it was going to take three more pho­tos and I’m telling him hur­ry squeeze in quick. Then Ans­ley got hit with some super bright light­ing and is near­ly blown out of the image.
Pho­to 3: Alan almost made it back in time and Ans­ley is laugh­ing to hard to look at the cam­era and this time is half blown away with bad light­ing.
Pho­to 4: Three again at last… it’s us and I’m just going to embrace it.


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