Mother’s Day Recap

May 18, 2012

I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day as much as I enjoyed mine. My family made me feel very special. First I was treated to a Dyan Reaveley class at Stampers Anonymous. Carolyn Ross and I went together and had lots of fun. I can promise you this is the messiest my hands have ever been in my LIFE! I think the one thing I really loved about Dyan’s class was she didn’t give you time to over think what you were doing when creating the background for the album. This is one of my issues with art journaling… I over think everything! I just need to do it and free my very detailed, over analytical creative brain. Dyan gave you the perfect amount of time to do the technique and move on… no over thinking allowed just do it and go. If you have the chance to take one of her classes when she is back in the USA do it… you will LOVE it and be so happy you did.

After the class with Dyan, Ansley and Alan took me to dinner at Fuddruckers (Poor Terri was sick). I had a super yummy salmon burger and laughed at how excited Ansley and Alan were with the amazing coke machine… so many flavors to pick from… I had a raspberry flavored Diet Coke and stuck with that, they on the other had tried several different kinds… Vanilla Root Beer, Peach Sprite and Strawberry Sprite. Not only was I treated to a class and dinner but I was also treated to some Faber-Castell Mix & Match Color Gelatos & Clear Stamp Sets in (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Metallic and Neutral) as well as the Metallic and Essential Gelatos. These were all purchased from The Crafty Scrapper. So as you can see I had a wonderful arty family Mother’s Day.

And I just have to share this crazy family photobooth photo. While eating at Fuddruckers, I attempted to take a photobooth picture of all of us together… but it didn’t quite work out as well as I was hoping. The laughs I get every single time I look at it certainly was worth the attempt though…

Photo 1: Trying to get all of us squeezed in the photo.
Photo 2: Where is Alan? He didn’t know it was going to take three more photos and I’m telling him hurry squeeze in quick. Then Ansley got hit with some super bright lighting and is nearly blown out of the image.
Photo 3: Alan almost made it back in time and Ansley is laughing to hard to look at the camera and this time is half blown away with bad lighting.
Photo 4: Three again at last… it’s us and I’m just going to embrace it.


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