Maya Road Mid-Release Lisa Uppercase

May 17, 2012

I can­not pos­si­bly explain to you all just how much I LOVE the new Maya Road Lisa Upper­case ~ Chip­board Alpha­bet. And not because they are named after ME but because they tru­ly are my favorite font style and size chip­board alphas Maya Road makes.

When Maya Road dis­con­tin­ued their Philadel­phia Upper­case alphas (my first true love) I near­ly had heart fail­ure and let Car­o­line know I was not hap­py with that deci­sion and begged PLEASE NO NOT THESE but there I sat any­way with no more Philadel­phia alphas. I begged some more, plead­ed some more but they were gone, gone, gone!  BUT  NOW I have a new love and I real­ly do love these more than the first so all is well, this new set is the per­fect size and I’m super hap­py and Car­o­line just con­tin­ues to roll her eyes at me and all my quirky loves.


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