The Traveling Apron

Apr 25, 2012

The wonderful journey of my much loved apron has now begun. Saturday, it debuted at The Crafty Scrapper and now will travel to all the places this industry takes me. It’s next stop is New York City (LOL, typing New York City always makes me think of the Pace Picante Sauce commercials) then on to Ranger University in NJ. Carolyn and I leave tomorrow and we are beyond excited! Last year, my travels were haulted rather quickly due to terrible weather… all flights to NJ and surrounding areas were cancelled and I had to go home. I know there are worse things in life to have happen but I really was so sad and I’m super glad I was given the opportunity to attend this year. It’s going to be three days filled with nothing but learning, learning and more learning as well as enjoying time spent with people who all have the same creative interests.


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