Ranger University Day 2

Apr 29, 2012

This morn­ing we start­ed our day with Clau­dine Hell­muth. Clau­dine is such a sweet and very fun­ny lady. She was quite enter­tain­ing and filled our heads with so many tech­niques and ideas my head was spin­ning by the time we stopped for lunch which was some awe­some square piz­za.

Dur­ing Claudine’s class we paint­ed, trans­ferred, glazed and tint­ed. The hands on expe­ri­ence you get with each instruc­tor here at Ranger is unbe­liev­able. They give you so much infor­ma­tion that hon­est­ly by the end of the day my brain hurt and once again was swirling with ideas.

Dur­ing Claudine’s class Ron­da and I laughed at the dif­fer­ence in our work area. She ALWAYS had a lit­tle mess here and there and I ALWAYS had mine cleaned up after each tech­nique. So typ­i­cal.

After Clau­dine fin­ished her morn­ing with us it was Tim’s turn. He crammed so much infor­ma­tion into our brains in 5 hours. I was tru­ly amazed at how much infor­ma­tion he taught in that amount of time. We used Stick­les, Paint Dab­bers, Alco­hol Inks and Pig­ment and Dye Inks. And I nev­er knew just how fun­ny Tim is, as he just says it like it is (which I love) and some of the stuff that flows right out of his mouth is hilar­i­ous.

Tim had Alain’s Extreme Stick­ling items brought into the edu­ca­tion room so we could all see them up close. These pho­tos do not do these items jus­tice… they sparkle!!! The pump­kin is gor­geous and is cov­ered in Orange Peel Stick­les. I swear they could sell these things they are so pret­ty. The dress form and egg are cov­ered in Water­fall Stick­les. This col­or is gor­geous blue, pur­ple iri­des­cent col­or… at least this is how I see it. It sparkles like no oth­er. I can­not wait for his next Extreme Stick­ling video. No telling what Alain is going to Stick­les, this time. But I do know he is cer­tain­ly up for the chal­lenge.

The last prod­uct we played with for the day where Ranger’s Alco­hol Inks.… they had col­or after col­or after col­or of dried Alco­hol Inks in the new Tim Holtz Ink Palette. This palette was filled with 36 col­ors of Alco­hol Inks and remind­ed me of melt­ed jol­ly ranch­er can­dies, so of course I had to take a pho­to.

Day 3 is going to be spent with Tim and then Dyan Reave­ley with her Dylu­sions Sig­na­ture Line. I hear this day is way messier than yes­ter­day… the paper tow­el roll and baby wipes will be sit­ting right next to me for sure!


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