Ranger University Day 2

Apr 29, 2012

This morning we started our day with Claudine Hellmuth. Claudine is such a sweet and very funny lady. She was quite entertaining and filled our heads with so many techniques and ideas my head was spinning by the time we stopped for lunch which was some awesome square pizza.

During Claudine’s class we painted, transferred, glazed and tinted. The hands on experience you get with each instructor here at Ranger is unbelievable. They give you so much information that honestly by the end of the day my brain hurt and once again was swirling with ideas.

During Claudine’s class Ronda and I laughed at the difference in our work area. She ALWAYS had a little mess here and there and I ALWAYS had mine cleaned up after each technique. So typical.

After Claudine finished her morning with us it was Tim’s turn. He crammed so much information into our brains in 5 hours. I was truly amazed at how much information he taught in that amount of time. We used Stickles, Paint Dabbers, Alcohol Inks and Pigment and Dye Inks. And I never knew just how funny Tim is, as he just says it like it is (which I love) and some of the stuff that flows right out of his mouth is hilarious.

Tim had Alain’s Extreme Stickling items brought into the education room so we could all see them up close. These photos do not do these items justice… they sparkle!!! The pumpkin is gorgeous and is covered in Orange Peel Stickles. I swear they could sell these things they are so pretty. The dress form and egg are covered in Waterfall Stickles. This color is gorgeous blue, purple iridescent color… at least this is how I see it. It sparkles like no other. I cannot wait for his next Extreme Stickling video. No telling what Alain is going to Stickles, this time. But I do know he is certainly up for the challenge.

The last product we played with for the day where Ranger’s Alcohol Inks…. they had color after color after color of dried Alcohol Inks in the new Tim Holtz Ink Palette. This palette was filled with 36 colors of Alcohol Inks and reminded me of melted jolly rancher candies, so of course I had to take a photo.

Day 3 is going to be spent with Tim and then Dyan Reaveley with her Dylusions Signature Line. I hear this day is way messier than yesterday… the paper towel roll and baby wipes will be sitting right next to me for sure!


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