Late Night Creative Play

Apr 18, 2012

I was play­ing late into the night with Bees Wax and thought I would give you a keep­ing it real pho­to of my work area. Maybe this is why I love junk shops and thrift stores so much… the messier the bet­ter. You’ll find all kinds of things in this pho­to… fin­ished projects, dried flow­ers, lace, but­tons, sheet music, bees wax etc… all the things I love. Encaus­tic art is were I want to remain. I love the smell of melt­ing wax, I love how it swirls, bub­bles and flows. It’s been quite a jour­ney get­ting to this place but this place feels nat­ur­al, effort­less and makes me so hap­py.

This piece is still in the works. I love how dried flow­ers look under­neath lay­ers nat­ur­al bees wax. I’m not sure how this piece is going to end up look­ing in the end as I just start cre­at­ing with no real plan in mind… I just add and add and before you know it I’m done. It’s an amaz­ing jour­ney.

See the swirls and lay­ers of wax? I love that look so much. I’m think­ing maybe some glass glit­ter will look amaz­ing sprin­kled here and there in this piece. Gonna think on it a bit more but I do believe it just might need to have a lit­tle sprin­kle or two. Once this piece is fin­ished I will share a pho­to.

For now though, I need to get some spoons flat­tened out for my “Art Requires Courage” class at The Crafty Scrap­per, Sat­ur­day. I only have 3 spots left.


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