I’m a Grandmother

Apr 11, 2012

Well a grandmother for only a few days. Gosh did I ever have fun texting my sister, “I’m going to be a grandmother” she has never called me back so fast ever. Texting Terri she was going to be an “Aunt” was pretty fun too. Our texting session went like this…

Me: You are going to be an Aunt

Terri: To what?

Me: A baby

Terri: This is a joke right?

Me: No (technically it is a baby… right?)

Terri: Answer your phone

So back to Ansley, she is taking care of Luke for her Child Development class and I think this is the best experience ever for a teenager! Ansley has had to take Luke to work with her (Big thanks to her boss, Candy) and has to take care of Luke’s each and every whimper and believe me there have been a LOT of whimpers and crying. Is it bad of me to get pleasure out of watching her want to pull her hair out of her head?  I mean really, she only has to take care of him for 3 days from 5:00 pm to 9:00 am. It’s not like she has him 24/7 for the next 18 years.

That smile you see on her adorable face is BEFORE he kept her up all night. This doll is really pretty amazing. Ansley has a scanner that is on a bracelet that is cut off by the teacher, so no cheating. Someone else can care for the baby but SHE has to be there to scan it’s back so there is no running away from the crying. Once Luke cries Ansley scans his back with her bracelet, this doll monitors how long it took her to get him when crying and all interactions she has with Luke…. feeding, burping, head support, holding, diaper change, etc. and SHE has to figure out what he needs.  Ansley must keep track of all interactions with Luke in his “baby book” again, is it bad of me to giggle when reading the times he gets her up?

Day 1 ~ Grade 91

8:10 pm ~ fussy 
8:40 pm ~ fussy (this isn’t so bad)
2:00 am ~ fussy
2:10 am ~ bottle (reality is setting in)
2:22 am ~ burp  (reality hits)
4:45 am ~  bottle (remember that sweet smile I was talking about… I think it left right about now)
4:53 am ~ burp    (I’m certain that sweet smile left the building)
7:43 am ~ diaper (wanting a few more minutes of sleep… so not happening)
7:51 am ~ feed     (trying to get ready for school)
8:06 am ~ burp   (still trying to get ready for school)

Day 2 ~ Grade 91

7:40 pm ~ diaper (oh the fun begins)
7:48 pm ~ bottle
9:30 pm ~ fussy
9:50 pm ~ bottle (I just fed you not too long ago)
10:03 pm ~  burp
10:11 pm ~ bottle (please, please, please sleep all night)
11:30 pm ~ fussy
11:34 pm ~ fussy (what in the world is wrong with you, please I’m begging you go to sleep)
11:45 pm ~ bottle (why did you not want your bottle a few minutes ago)
2:18 am ~ bottle (OMG)
2:28 am ~ diaper
4:10 am ~ bottle (you did not even sleep 2 hours)
4:18 am ~ diaper
4:25 am ~ bottle (are you kidding me, you’re hungry again)

This is quite an eye opening experience for Ansley and I’m really proud of how well she is taking on this task so seriously. My favorite conversation was early this morning while she was sitting on the edge of her bed trying to get ready for school….

Ansley: Mom, I’m so tired I’m dizzy.

Me: Welcome to motherhood. Just think if this were a real baby you would be going to school, working full time & taking care of a baby that gets up at night.

Ansley: I am NOT working when I have a baby. I’m going to be a stay at home mom.

Me: I hope that plan works out for you.

I cannot wait to see what Day 3 has in store for her… so far it has been way harder then Days 1 and 2.


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