Fun Encaustic Background

Apr 19, 2012

This background is super fun to create and surprisingly easy. All you need are 5 colored crayons, 1 white crayon, 1 mini 3″ x 3″ canvas, paper towels, natural bees wax, a non-stick craft mat, a spatula, an iron (Clover quilting iron) and a heat gun.

Place the tip of each crayon, one color at a time, onto the tip of the hot iron and melt onto the non-stick craft mat. To clean the tip of my iron after each crayon I rub it clean on top of several layers of paper towels. Make each melted blob different thicknesses. Once the melted crayons are cooled and the wax has hardened lift them from the non-stick craft mat using a small spatula.

Break the wax blobs into different shapes and sizes. Place each wax piece onto the canvas, one piece at a time then lightly melt the wax onto the canvas using a heat tool.

Continue to add wax layers making sure to have some areas higher than the other. Also, please note… when heating with the heat tool make sure you do not over heat the wax or the colors will begin to melt into each other creating a muddy look.

Once you have all the colors of wax attached to the mini canvas as you like melt the white crayon by holding it’s tip to the iron letting drops fall onto the canvas. Make sure you don’t add too much white or you will lose the vibrancy of the other colors. Please note… you can add drops of color here and there to fill in areas if needed by touching the ends of the crayons onto the iron and letting the melted wax drip onto the canvas.

Now here comes the really fun part. Pour enough natural bees wax pellets on top of the canvas to cover the upper half of the canvas. Now using your iron set on high melt the bees wax by touching the pellets and sweep the iron in a downward motion. Since the colored wax layers vary in height you will pick up wax colors here and there creating a beautiful mottled effect for a background.

Oh how I love this look. This background can be left as is or is now ready to be the base for a gorgeous encaustic art piece. Are you inspired? I hope so.


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