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Apr 16, 2012

I’ve been intrigued with encaustic art for a long time, so this week I pulled out my Heat Tool, Iron and Melting Pot along with some Bees Wax, Crayons, Balzer Designs Stencils and Antiquated Collection Stamp Sets. I hope you enjoy this weeks installment of my “An Artist Cannot Fail” blog series and give this fun medium a try. There is something so fun about melting crayons… maybe it’s the doing something you weren’t supposed to do as a child thing… the thought of striking a match or playing with a lighter to melt a crayon scared me to death. The only melted crayon I ever found was one my little sister might have dropped in the car. Texas summers are instant death for crayons.

On the ATC above I first applied a layer of yellow melted crayons onto a Manila  ATC by touching the tip of a crayon onto my Clover Iron and  applying the melted crayon onto the ATC with long even pressure strokes. I blended several different colors of crayons onto the background then once getting the background as I liked it, I lightly touched the tip of an orange and sea green crayon (one color at a time) to the side of the iron and applied the melted wax in a downward sweeping fashion. To create the white polka dots I placed a Circle Grid Stencil on top of the ATC and applied melted white crayon over the stencil with the Clover Iron. Please note: Carefully and quickly sweep the hot iron over the stencil. You do not want to melt the stencil.

The Fragmented Flower Stencil is what I used to create the design on the Manila tag. I used yellow, orange and red crayons to obtain the design. Once I had the stenciled area covered with melted crayons I carefully lifted the stencil. The thicker areas of melted crayon on the stencil might flake off slightly. If this happens as it did with me just use a Heat Tool to soften these edges by slightly remelting the areas. Then to make the design pop I accented the outline of the Fragmented Flower design with a melted black crayon.

Later this week, I’ll share how I created the “Society Lady” ATC. Also, do you notice a sneak peek for one of my Spring Release stamp sets? It’s right there for all to see.

Have you attempted to break out of your creative comfort zone? I hope I’m not the only one giving this a go. Let me know what new technique you have tried.

Artful Courageous Hugs!

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