Surprises are so FUN!

Mar 26, 2012

Ter­ri and I head­ed down to Beau­mont, Wednes­day to sur­prise my mom and dad. This sur­prise has been in the mak­ing for over a month and if you know me well, you know it is a mir­a­cle that I kept the sur­prise. The pho­to above was tak­en on our way home because on the way down it was pitch black. We decid­ed to leave at 8 o’clock in the evening instead of bright and ear­ly, Thurs­day morn­ing. This means we arrived at mom and dad’s at 1:30 in the morn­ing.

There is noth­ing more fun than sur­pris­ing your par­ents with an unex­pect­ed vis­it and of course hear­ing your moth­er come out of a sound sleep say­ing, “What in the hell is going on” (still makes me gig­gle) as Ter­ri, Aman­da (my niece) and I are try­ing to get up the stair­case qui­et­ly and mak­ing so much noise drag­ging suit­cas­es and laugh­ing that the qui­et plan was a total fail­ure. I have to admit we called Aman­da to let her know we were com­ing in the house because hon­est­ly, my mom­ma might be small but she is mighty and I shud­der to even think what she would do to an intrud­er and Ter­ri and I did not want to find out. So to elim­i­nate that wor­ry Ter­ri and I decid­ed it was best to call ahead. LOL

Not only were mom and dad sur­prised but Bel­lie and Made­lyn were so sur­prised to see us as well. They don’t get to see Ter­ri all that often so she was the source of enter­tain­ment all morn­ing. It was so cute.

Fri­day, I made Peeps cup­cakes and a cake with Bel­lie and Made­lyn. I have step by step pho­tos to share in a lat­er blog post. It was so much fun and SO easy that I think you will want to make them with the kids in your fam­i­ly. Two words of warn­ing “SUGAR HIGH”


I have a fun App on my phone called Pock­et­booth so Bel­lie, Made­lyn and I took lots of fun pho­to booth style pho­tos togeth­er. This was super enter­tain­ing and lots of fun. We spent Sat­ur­day, dig­ging in antique stores and a flea mar­ket for awe­some project pieces to which I scored some fun stuff that I can­not wait to use in projects. Oh and on our way home Ter­ri and I stopped in Cut N’ Shoot (yes that real­ly is the name of a Texas town) at a flea mar­ket where she scored some awe­some Pyrex bowls for lit­tle of noth­ing. She kept a cool pok­er face while I near­ly had my eyes pop out of my head when they told her the price.

And now a few sur­pris­es for two lucky blog win­ners, the win­ner of Ron­da’s book give­away… “Art of Lay­ers”

There­sa Grdi­na March 25, 2012
LISA!!! I was brows­ing Julie Balzer’s blog and I FINALLY GET THIS BOOK!!! It looks fab­u­lous! HOW did I miss it this long???? LOL!! Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to own it!!!

And the win­ner of my book “Delight In The Sea­sons” is.…

Pat­ti March 20, 2012
I love fall, the col­ors the smells, the trips to the apple orchard. It some­how is very calm­ing to me.

Con­grat­u­la­tions, ladies. Email me your mail­ing address so your books can be mailed to you.


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