For The Love of Peeps

Mar 21, 2012

Ahhh, it’s springtime which means flowers blooming, birds tweeting, the leaves on trees are a beautiful spring green AND the shelves in Target, Walgreen’s and Tom Thumb are FILLED with PEEPS! I love Peeps fresh from the package, dried out and a bit chewy or warmed in the microwave does not matter how they are given to me I will eat them. I do find it strange though that I prefer the yellow chicks and pink bunnies over the other colors. The taste is the same but for some reason the yellow chicks and pink bunnies are more appealing to me. Maybe it’s because I always got yellow chicks and pink bunny Peeps as a child every Easter.

Since I’m addicted to Pinterest, I did a little search for “Peeps” and look at all the wonderful things I found to make using “Peeps”. I plan on making several of these cute edibles.

These “Peeps Cupcakes” will be too cute sitting among my “Bird Nest Cupcakes”.

These “Peeps Pops” look fun to make.

This “Peeps Lemon Curd Cakes” looks YUMMY!

These “Peeps In A Nest” are really simple to make.

And how fun would these “Peeps S’Mores” be to hand out to your neighbors.

“Peeps On A Stick” now this is about as simple as it gets.

This “Peeps Sunflower Cake” looks really fun to make.

And I would PASS OUT if I received this box of “Chocolate Covered Peeps”.

This “Easter Centerpiece” is adorable but all I can think about is getting caught sneaking out a peep or two.

Ok, I’ve chatted your ear off enough about my love for “Peeps” but seriously, how can these not make your taste buds happy and bring a smile to your face?

Sweetest Hugs!

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