Flea Market Finds

Mar 30, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of flea market and antique shopping with my mom and dad over the past few months. We all have the “Thrill of The Hunt” gene deep within our DNA. It is so fun just heading out to dig having no idea what you will find that day. This past weekend when Terri and I went down to surprise them I found a few things that I cannot wait to incorporate into projects.

Everything I found was miniature which I LOVE so much. The two tart tins are going to be turned into a two tiered piece to store tiny baubles on my work table. It will be the perfect size and look so cute.

These adorable birthday cake candle holders will work perfectly in a shadow box project. I love this shade of green as it reminds me of vintage Jadeite dishes.

These demitasse spoons will also be perfect for shadow boxes or banners. The handles have such a pretty design. Dad found these for me. I tell ya, having mom and dad digging for you is awesome. All I have to do is give them a list of what I’m looking for and BAM they are on it and find amazing things. I will have to show you the stash of miniature perfume bottles mom found me when they were on an antique jaunt with my Aunt Brenda. She scored big time for me.

I also found these awesome earrings, buttons and thimbles. I plan on taking the earring backs off and using them as embellishments. The buttons will be sewn into projects and the thimbles, well I have been collecting these like crazy from all over (I have personal pickers all over the US) I have big plans for these. Well tell you about that later.

Then I found two zip-lock baggies full of all kinds of grocery store trading stamps. These are the kind you redeemed for catalog products. I was way excited about these because they are perfect to add here and there on projects.

Today, I wish I was outside digging in flea markets, but instead, I’m digging inside my scraproom for projects to sell during my “Trunk Show” tomorrow. At the moment, my kitchen table is overflowing with projects, cards, tags and kits. I think Alan will be really happy to see these leave the house tomorrow.


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