Flower Wall

Feb 6, 2012

Since I passed out each night before getting a blog post completed during CHA, I thought it would still be fun to tell you about the show and share photos. While we were getting the booth ready for day one, Emily Pitts was given the task of assembling a wall of flowers on the end of one of the display walls. She worked and worked and worked attaching small pieces of Velcro to the back of zipper flowers, ribbon blossoms and other small handmade flowers created from lots of Maya Road trims. This floral arrangement was very popular and photographed many times during the show.

Here is Emily hard at work arranging each handmade flower along the wall.

Maya Road Wood Mini Butterflies were placed among the flowers to look as though they were fluttering among the flowers. Each butterfly had Red Heart Pin antennas.

And here is Emily’s completed floral masterpiece. If you look closely you can see Maya Road Canvas Butterflies that have been dyed using Maya Mist. Lots of different Maya Road Trims were used such as their amazing Zipper Trims, their New Pleated Gauze, Khaki Frayed Edge Pleated Trims ,Vintage Measuring Tape Trims and their Soft Vintage Scallop Trim, some Tulle Pleat and Satin Edging Trims and adorable cabbage roses created out of natural muslin and dyed using Maya Mist.

To see all the trims up close and all the available colors check out their catalog HERE.

 Here you can see flowers made from Zipper Trims, Vintage Measuring Tape, Khaki Frayed Edge Pleated Trim, Muslin Cabbage Roses Dyed using Maya Mist and a little Wooden Mini Butterfly.

These flowers and blossoms are made from Pleated Tulle, Zipper Trims, Pleated Gauze, Soft Vintage Scallop Trim and Vintage Tape Measure Trim.

And in this last photo you can see lots of Zipper Flowers a Wooden Mini Butterfly and a Canvas Butterfly. This floral arrangement really was so fun to look at and was certainly enjoyed by many.


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