Year In Review ~ Jewelry

Jan 5, 2012

I had lots of fun creating necklaces and bracelets using broken pieces of jewelry found at flea markets or thrift stores. One of my favorite things to make are bracelets using vintage earrings. The hardest part is finding earrings at a reasonable price. It is always so fun when I stumble upon a pair during my travels and thrifting. For Christmas I made my niece Amanda and me matching bracelets. She purchased three pairs the two blue ones and the rhinestone shell looking one in the center. Then I scoured antique stores from Texas to West Virginia as well as Flea Markets in McKinney and Winnie, Texas to Antique stores in Frisco, Beaumont, Lumberton and Sour Lake, Texas. Finally, I gathered enough for us to have matching bracelets. I stamped XOXO on a small silver charm since that is what we have told each other since the day she has been old enough to talk or type.

I also had fun making the necklace out of a Stanley Ruler my dad found. I added baubles and vintage rosary beads and had this finished in no time flat. The longest part was allowing the rhinestones to dry on top of the ruler sections.

I also enjoyed creating unique charms for my necklaces. All I did was attach vintage buttons onto a bail using E6000. Super simple and super pretty. This charm is so pretty hanging off of my vintage pearl necklace I found for a cheap $5.00 when driving through Kentucky, this past summer.

And I need to tell you about a young lady who just opened her own Etsy store. Her name is Annie Pitts. Her Etsy store Ooga Handmade can be found HERE. I’m always excited to introduce a budding entrepreneur and when they have talent like Annie it’s super exciting. Her bead placement and color combinations are awesome. And I see she has matching earring and necklace sets too. I expect to see some of her creations in Bead Trends in the future.


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