Maya Road Sneak Peeks Day 1

Jan 20, 2012

Final­ly the day is here… Maya Road Sneak Peeks have begun. I tell ya I don’t think I could have wait­ed anoth­er day. I’ve been so inspired with this win­ter release and want to share, share, share. I know I say this every time but I hon­est­ly do believe it… this is their BEST RELEASE ever! So many awe­some new items. Okay, on to today’s project. One of my favorite new items are the Wood Vin­tage Birds. Each pack­age con­tains 5 styles & 10 birds that are just wait­ing for you to alter. They range in mea­sure­ments from 1.5″ to 3″ and are per­fect to paint, ink, glit­ter etc. I had fun paint­ing, ink­ing, crack­ling and glit­ter­ing the fat chub­by bird. He looks like a win­ter bird sit­ting in the snow all fluffed up and is my favorite.

Notice that awe­some look­ing stick pin. It is a new Maya Road Vin­tage Trin­ket Pin ~ Pearl Dark Brown. You get 30 pins to a pack­age. I added the cham­pagne col­ored bead and attached one of their new Vin­tage Kraft Flag Pins. These come in two dif­fer­ent styles and are scored to fold over the met­al pins which are includ­ed. You get 20 Flags and 20 Pins and the Flags mea­sure .7″ wide. I stamped the Vin­tage Kraft Flag using the label por­tion from the Per­fume bot­tle in the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion ~ Per­fumery stamp set. I also stamped the muslin bow using an ad from the same stamp set. My favorite brown ink to stamp on muslin is Archival Ink ~ Cof­fee.

The Wood Vin­tage Bird is sit­ting on top of a new Vin­tage Sewing Spool that is wrapped with their new Linen Burlap Trim. YES you read that right… LINEN BURLAP TRIM. The Vin­tage Sewing Spools come 6 to a pack­age and mea­sure 1.5″ x 1.2″ in diam­e­ter. The Linen Burlap Trim is 1.7″ wide and is amaz­ing.

The sec­ond piece to this win­ter white home decor piece includes the new Pearl Dark Brown Trin­ket Pin, a Vin­tage Sewing Spool, Linen Burlap Trim as well as their new Mini Ging­ham in Cof­fee Brown. I attached the bow using Fab­ri Tac adhe­sive to the stamped muslin that accents the Vin­tage Sewing Spool.

Here is the last of the pieces. Notice the Vin­tage Find­ings Rasp­ber­ry Bead on top of the Vin­tage Sewing Spool… did you know you can take them apart? Look above and you will see one just a tad short­er. It is the oth­er sec­tion to this one. Rasp­ber­ry Beads can be col­ored with cop­ic mark­ers and alco­hol inks as well as cov­ered with Stick­les. I love accent­ing them with Dia­mond and Ici­cles Stick­les. They are gor­geous all spark­ly.

And if any­one read­ing this blog post is from Som­er­set Stu­dio, I real­ly would like to start writ­ing arti­cles for your mag­a­zine.


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