Arty Friends are FUN!!!

Jan 12, 2012

I was chatting with my friend Wendy Vecchi the other day and while we were talking away she shared a super cool technique she discovered while creating with her Clearly For Art Blackout Modeling Film. Wait until you see what she altered using her technique at CHA. STUNNING, is all I can say. My jaw dropped when I saw it. Truly AMAZING!!!

So fast forward a few days and while I was working on this project, last night I wanted to put this escutcheon piece on it but felt it looked too new. So thanks to Wendy, I decided to try out the technique she shared with me and I love the outcome. It looks just how I had it visualized in my head. THANK YOU, WENDY! Wait until you see this finished project… it’s one of my favorites I’ve done for CHA.

Once I started putting everything on this project I felt it needed another something to add color and texture so I created a super cute envelope that took care of both the color and texture issue which I’ll have to share at a later date. It’s so easy and I bet you tossed the material needed in the trash without giving it a second thought… can’t wait to share. It’s a great way to recycle.

And the photo of the lady above on the wood piece is of my great grandmother Ethel Agnes Rand, taken on her wedding day. It’s one of my favorite photos of her.

Okay, that’s it… back to work for me. It’s CHA crunch time which means each day that passes you’re one day closer to seeing all the awesome Maya Road products and I am making one mess after another to meet the deadline.


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