Arty Friends are FUN!!!

Jan 12, 2012

I was chat­ting with my friend Wendy Vec­chi the oth­er day and while we were talk­ing away she shared a super cool tech­nique she dis­cov­ered while cre­at­ing with her Clear­ly For Art Black­out Mod­el­ing Film. Wait until you see what she altered using her tech­nique at CHA. STUNNING, is all I can say. My jaw dropped when I saw it. Tru­ly AMAZING!!!

So fast for­ward a few days and while I was work­ing on this project, last night I want­ed to put this escutcheon piece on it but felt it looked too new. So thanks to Wendy, I decid­ed to try out the tech­nique she shared with me and I love the out­come. It looks just how I had it visu­al­ized in my head. THANK YOU, WENDY! Wait until you see this fin­ished project… it’s one of my favorites I’ve done for CHA.

Once I start­ed putting every­thing on this project I felt it need­ed anoth­er some­thing to add col­or and tex­ture so I cre­at­ed a super cute enve­lope that took care of both the col­or and tex­ture issue which I’ll have to share at a lat­er date. It’s so easy and I bet you tossed the mate­r­i­al need­ed in the trash with­out giv­ing it a sec­ond thought… can’t wait to share. It’s a great way to recy­cle.

And the pho­to of the lady above on the wood piece is of my great grand­moth­er Ethel Agnes Rand, tak­en on her wed­ding day. It’s one of my favorite pho­tos of her.

Okay, that’s it… back to work for me. It’s CHA crunch time which means each day that pass­es you’re one day clos­er to see­ing all the awe­some Maya Road prod­ucts and I am mak­ing one mess after anoth­er to meet the dead­line.


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