Art Requires Courage

Jan 10, 2012

As I was looking for a quote for this piece (yes I know sneak peeks… sorry), I came across the quote “All art requires courage” by Anne Tucker. I felt it was the perfect quote as it is so true. Art does require courage. When creating I start out with not a clue of what I will create… I have the base for my creation but that is all, I just start gathering items from bags, drawers, boxes, storage bins etc. I pretty much create the same way I hunt for treasures in thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops. I just dig and dig until I have a combination of unique items that compliment one another then start putting them all together. Once finished is when the real courage comes for me… posting it to the blog for all to see.

If you think about it creating is very personal as it is an extension of you, maybe how you are feeling at the moment, things you love etc. so as you can see it’s true “All art requires courage” and it takes even more courage to post it and share it with the world especially when you have a new medium screaming to come out and be shared such as I have at the moment.

I’m loving the eclectic mixture of elements shown in these sneak peeks… metal, vintage papers, stamped images, textiles and glitter. Right now, all I can think about is how to create using them and my fondness for chicken wire is far too strong. I want to put it on everything I create.

Stamping my Antiquated Collection stamps onto vintage ledger paper seems to be my perfect combo. The black ink, aged paper and vintage images makes me super happy. Not to mention their detail, the crackle paint and glitter. I re-discovered a long lost love too… Crackle Accents. I used this product several years ago and for some reason it kinda got pushed aside and forgotten about… well, while I was digging in a box I found a bottle and it has been placed on every single CHA project I’ve created.

This new flower by Maya Road is going to be seen a lot in future projects I LOVE it and it goes so well with chicken wire. I really like the contrast between the two elements. Also, I’m having fun placing the “Figure No. 295 K.” stamped images here and there on projects. They are tiny images from my Antiquated Collection stamp sets and make a great little accent.

And you can see part of the quote I stamped onto a piece of copper tape, then painted over it with black paint, wiped it off and applied Crackle Accents over it. It looks so neat in person. Also, you can see some more Crackle Accents peaking out on the cream leaf on the right and the photo on the left.

This month, I’ll be sharing a tutorial on how I created the stamped images in Pink Persimmon’s newsletter. This means if you aren’t signed up for their newsletter make sure you do so HERE. Darcy and Judi will include a PDF of the technique for you to download.

Courageous Hugs!

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