Memories made

Dec 27, 2011

The day I became an aunt was such an amazing day. My sweet niece Amanda was the first to come along and make me an aunt. She would come and stay with me and Alan for two weeks, each summer. I would sit outside on the patio and watch her as she poured water from a little pitcher to a cup for HOURS straight or watch her play dress up, then as she got older show her how to put on make up and surprise her at a football game when she was cheering as well as many other special moments. Each time we were together we watched or talked about the movie Cinderella. We’ve watched it so many times I can honestly say, I lost count. But since it is my favorite movie ever to watch even to this day, I never thought twice about watching it over and over and over again while Amanda was either on my lap or at my side.

Well that sweet little girl is now 20 years old, in college to become a teacher and gave me this gorgeous glitter accented “Cinderella’s Carriage” glass ornament for Christmas. I had to hold back tears when I opened her gift. I was truly touched and so happy to know we still share in our love of Cinderella.

Memorable Hugs!

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