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Dec 23, 2011

I remem­ber when I was lit­tle being so excit­ed Christ­mas eve, that falling asleep was near impos­si­ble. My broth­er, Richard and I would talk back and forth between our twin beds try­ing to think of what San­ta would bring us. One Christ­mas when I was 5 years old I got a Sketchy Doll… she is the most amaz­ing doll ever as far as I’m con­cerned. Well, through the years she got mis­placed but I nev­er for­got about her. Now fast for­ward to 2008… my Dad decid­ed to do a lit­tle search­ing around, found her on eBay and pur­chased her for me. Talk about a won­der­ful sur­prise. Now she sits proud­ly on the top of my book­shelf in my scrap­room where I see her every sin­gle day.

Richard and me Christ­mas Eve 1970

Richard (love his cow­boy attire and foot­ball hel­met com­bi­na­tion) and Me with Sketchy Christ­mas Day 1970

And here is Sketchy, once again under my tree 37 years lat­er… loved just as much now as in 1970.
Do you all have a favorite mem­o­ry of Christ­mas day?

And today’s San­ta sto­ries, I had to pick two this time… they were so cute.

A  lit­tle boy around 5 years old came to vis­it San­ta. As they got all set­tled for their pho­to to be tak­en, San­ta asked the lit­tle boy what he want­ed for Christ­mas?

Well San­ta and the lit­tle boys con­ver­sa­tion went like this..

Lit­tle Boy: At that store down there (point­ing) you know the lit­tle green thing that goes around the thing, then up like this (arm point­ing to the ceil­ing) this lit­tle boy had the biggest smile on his face and by this time, well, so did San­ta.
San­ta: Oh yes I know just what you’re talk­ing about. San­ta will do his best.

While wait­ing for mom to pur­chase the pho­to of San­ta and her son… the lit­tle boys dad comes down and says, “He was ask­ing for a heli­copter.” How cute is that…

This sto­ry is about a lit­tle girl around 5 years old as well. As she got all set­tled she asked San­ta for a doll. This is how their con­ver­sa­tion went… made me laugh.

San­ta: Which doll would you like?
Lit­tle Girl: One with a pur­ple dress.
San­ta: Okay.
Lit­tle Girl: And pur­ple shoes
San­ta: Okay
Lit­tle Girl: And a pur­ple bow for her hair.

San­ta: Okay, I guess pur­ple is your favorite col­or?
Lit­tle Girl: No pink is. 

LOL… what was San­ta think­ing?

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