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Dec 23, 2011

I remember when I was little being so excited Christmas eve, that falling asleep was near impossible. My brother, Richard and I would talk back and forth between our twin beds trying to think of what Santa would bring us. One Christmas when I was 5 years old I got a Sketchy Doll… she is the most amazing doll ever as far as I’m concerned. Well, through the years she got misplaced but I never forgot about her. Now fast forward to 2008… my Dad decided to do a little searching around, found her on eBay and purchased her for me. Talk about a wonderful surprise. Now she sits proudly on the top of my bookshelf in my scraproom where I see her every single day.

Richard and me Christmas Eve 1970

Richard (love his cowboy attire and football helmet combination) and Me with Sketchy Christmas Day 1970

And here is Sketchy, once again under my tree 37 years later… loved just as much now as in 1970.
Do you all have a favorite memory of Christmas day?

And today’s Santa stories, I had to pick two this time… they were so cute.

A  little boy around 5 years old came to visit Santa. As they got all settled for their photo to be taken, Santa asked the little boy what he wanted for Christmas?

Well Santa and the little boys conversation went like this..

Little Boy: At that store down there (pointing) you know the little green thing that goes around the thing, then up like this (arm pointing to the ceiling) this little boy had the biggest smile on his face and by this time, well, so did Santa.
Santa: Oh yes I know just what you’re talking about. Santa will do his best.

While waiting for mom to purchase the photo of Santa and her son… the little boys dad comes down and says, “He was asking for a helicopter.” How cute is that…

This story is about a little girl around 5 years old as well. As she got all settled she asked Santa for a doll. This is how their conversation went… made me laugh.

Santa: Which doll would you like?
Little Girl: One with a purple dress.
Santa: Okay.
Little Girl: And purple shoes
Santa: Okay
Little Girl: And a purple bow for her hair.

Santa: Okay, I guess purple is your favorite color?
Little Girl: No pink is. 

LOL… what was Santa thinking?

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