Not a creature is safe in our house

Dec 22, 2011

I thought I would share with you some photos of  the sweet dogs we have had through the years. I volunteered for a golden retriever rescue organization for several years and if there was an old golden needing a home Alan and I were the ones that took them in. We had such a soft spot for a needy, homeless, white faced old golden. Since most of the oldies came into rescue with serious health issues we only had them for 6 months to two years. But before they passed away they were spoiled like crazy and loved tremendously. I admit I have slightly tortured these sweet pups with a seasonal headband or two but I did reward them greatly with loads of treats. So to them it was worth it because hot dog slices and cheese pieces have always been a hit in this house as any reward. So here are a few holiday photos I’ve taken of our dogs and my niece’s dog Zeusy.

Jessie was adopted from DFWMGRR, Charlie too was adopted from DFWMGRR, Sophie was given to us after loosing our first adopted golden Molly, Sophie’s Dad is Kirby Rush Hill’s Haagen-Dazs she was retired from the show ring and her breeder who was looking for a home for her, heard about the care we gave Molly from our vet. Mary gave us the best Diva ever. Addy came into our family as an 8 week old puppy. She was the sweetest beagle and sadly went blind but that did not stop her from getting into everything… her nose kept her busy at all times!

Oh how they were patiently waiting for this photo session to be over so they could get their treats… I think Jessie was dreaming about sugar plums right about now and the others don’t look to far behind her either.

This is Sonny a.k.a Santa Paws. We adopted him from DFWMGRR at 10 weeks. This March he will turn 10 years old. In this photo he was 9 months old. He is our heart dog. I swear he can read our minds.

And this is little Zeusy my niece’s Madelyn and Isabella’s dog. He was just a few months old in this photo. He fit perfectly inside our Santa hat. Loved that floppy ear.

So far it looks as though Buster and Chief are the only two that have managed to miss out on holiday photo sessions. Think I might have to give it a try this year with them… should be very interesting for sure.

And here is another Santa story for you from Santa’s chronicles.

A few nights ago was Pet night. Santa had visits from dogs as young as 6 weeks old, a cute little Scottie which just so happens to be one of Mrs. Claus’s favorite dogs, an English Masitff and one cat. During the night two previously white poodles came to visit Santa too. Santa says “previously white” because both poodles had a green body and red legs. Santa asked, “What have you done to those poor dogs?” To which their owner replied… “That’s what my husband asked.” This lady had dyed both her poodles fur red and green for the holidays. After discussing the dogs dye jobs everyone got settled and Santa took a photo with the mom, two poodles and her 12 year old daughter. On the way out the Mom turns and tells Santa this was her daughters 8th year being photographed with him and he can’t stop until she turns 18 years old. To which Santa replied, “Okay, good Lord willing.”

Being one of Santa’s helpers sure does hold a lot of responsibility.

Santa Paw Hugs!


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