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Dec 9, 2011

So the more I looked at the domi­no art piece I post­ed yes­ter­day, the more I felt it need­ed more… it just lacked that lit­tle some­thing extra. So back into the scrap­room it went as I had ideas in my head and well, once and idea enters my head I can’t do any­thing else until I give it a go.

So here is what the fin­ished piece looked like, yes­ter­day.

And here is what it looks like now. Since I could not apply alco­hol ink to the face to dark­en the com­plex­ion, with­out wor­ry­ing that the alco­hol ink would ruin the stamped image, I decid­ed to stamp the image onto the blank mar­gin of a vin­tage book page then care­ful­ly and  ever so pre­cise­ly cut out the face. I then placed the cut out image of the face over the stamped face on the domi­no, using a clear dry­ing adhe­sive to attach it.

Once the face was attached I went over the entire top por­tion of the domi­no with a clear dry­ing adhe­sive. I let this dry com­plete­ly then applied Rock Can­dy Dis­tress Crack­le Paint all over the top. Wendy Vec­chi taught me this trick and it is a GREAT ONE. Since the domi­no has a slick sur­face the Crack­le Paint will not stick and once dry will just flake off BUT the dried adhe­sive I applied to the domi­no gives the domi­noes sur­face just enough tooth to allow the Crack­le Paint to stick and crack­le per­fect­ly. I think this is the best tip any­one has ever shared with me! I will be putting Rock Can­dy Crack­le Paint on EVERYTHING now! I need to order this stuff by the case!!!

After the Crack­le Paint was dry I high­light­ed the cracks by going over them with Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress Ink. I then wiped the ink off the non-cracked areas using a paper tow­el. I real­ly like how the cracks add that vin­tage feel to the piece.

The very last thing I did to the domi­no was attach it to a pen­dant back using E6000. Now, I have an awe­some­ly aged vin­tage style charm I can wear year round and I LOVE it!!!


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