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Dec 9, 2011

So the more I looked at the domino art piece I posted yesterday, the more I felt it needed more… it just lacked that little something extra. So back into the scraproom it went as I had ideas in my head and well, once and idea enters my head I can’t do anything else until I give it a go.

So here is what the finished piece looked like, yesterday.

And here is what it looks like now. Since I could not apply alcohol ink to the face to darken the complexion, without worrying that the alcohol ink would ruin the stamped image, I decided to stamp the image onto the blank margin of a vintage book page then carefully and  ever so precisely cut out the face. I then placed the cut out image of the face over the stamped face on the domino, using a clear drying adhesive to attach it.

Once the face was attached I went over the entire top portion of the domino with a clear drying adhesive. I let this dry completely then applied Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint all over the top. Wendy Vecchi taught me this trick and it is a GREAT ONE. Since the domino has a slick surface the Crackle Paint will not stick and once dry will just flake off BUT the dried adhesive I applied to the domino gives the dominoes surface just enough tooth to allow the Crackle Paint to stick and crackle perfectly. I think this is the best tip anyone has ever shared with me! I will be putting Rock Candy Crackle Paint on EVERYTHING now! I need to order this stuff by the case!!!

After the Crackle Paint was dry I highlighted the cracks by going over them with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. I then wiped the ink off the non-cracked areas using a paper towel. I really like how the cracks add that vintage feel to the piece.

The very last thing I did to the domino was attach it to a pendant back using E6000. Now, I have an awesomely aged vintage style charm I can wear year round and I LOVE it!!!


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